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Discover how we've transformed ideas into impactful digital solutions. Real projects. Real results.

Medical Staffing Platform | Vokus Personal AG
Recruitment in the healthcare sector. An innovative turning point with a complete makeover of the matchmaking platform, Vokus Personal is setting new standards in the industry.
App Development
All Industries
All Industries
All Services
All Services
App Development
Software Startups
Web Design
Artificial Intelligence

Luxury Watch Marketplace | Yourasset AG

Turned Yourasset's luxury watch marketplace vision into a visually striking digital experience.
App Development, Software Startups, Web Design
Commerce, Finance, Luxury

Education Platform | Edukura Ltd.

Edukura aimed for a pioneering online learning platform connecting students with ideal tutors via interactive whiteboard video calls.
App Development, Software Startups, Web Design

Luxe Travel CRM | Regal Wings Inc.

Engineered a CRM system for Regal Wings, enhancing their client management strategies to match their service standards.
App Development, Web Design
Luxury, Travel

Finance Mobile App | The Freelance Suite Ltd.

Developed The Freelance Suite's mobile app to offer precise pricing tools on iOS and Android.
App Development, Software Startups

QR-Powered Tour Website | Industrielle Betriebe Interlaken AG

Developed a mobile platform offering a comprehensive virtual tour of energy production processes.
Web Design

Modern Website Transformation | Plastpro Inc.

Plastpro Inc. sought a complete website overhaul to modernize its online presence.
Web Design

Digital Jewelry Shop | Artek SA

Converted a bespoke jewelry store into an engaging online platform, where customers can create their unique jewelry pieces.
App Development, Web Design
Commerce, Luxury

Elevating Conversions | SimplePin Inc.

Created a straightforward and effective customized website, with a focus on brand visibility and user-friendliness.
App Development

Feedback Frontline

39 reviews
7 reviews
6 reviews
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Alexandre Rosenberg
CEO, Artek SA
Serious, responsive, highly skilled and they possess a very professional approach. Would recommend without hesitation.
A man in a suit leaning against a brick wall.
Paul Ostering
CTO, Regal Wings Inc.
They supported the project’s build stage through to production using a seamless project management style and effective correspondence. Deliverables are forecasted to minimize labor demands by 20-30% upon implementation.
An image of a man in a black circle.
Peter Vavra
CTO, Black Friday GmbH
Axisbits has been our partner for years. Their team always challenges our software needs to find the most suitable solution and communication channels. We are extremely satisfied with the final products and project management skills of the team, so that we’re looking forward to our next projects.
A man in a blue suit standing in a room.
Alexei Prosvirine
CTO, SimplePin Inc.
In terms of quality, Axisbits is one of the best developers I’ve worked with. I only have positive feedback. I also like their technical communication.
A black and white photo of a man in a suit.
Sybren Raaijmakers
Founder, StartGiving GmbH
I've wholeheartedly recommended them to people I know.
A black and white photo of a man with his arms crossed.
Lewis Chisholm
Product Lead, Netsells Ltd.
We could say that Axisbits's team did the task faster than we expected as well as all the updates helped us increase users spending time by almost 70%.
A man in a blue shirt standing in front of a gray background.
Stephan Kolz
Founder & CEO, Yourasset AG
Competent and personal project management and project tasks are delivered on time. They were always proactive in their communication and helped our company get going!
A man in a striped shirt smiles for the camera.
Jonathan Cayer
CTO, Smart Reno
They are knowledgeable, professional and great at communicating. They offer a wide range of expertise, which not only saves us time but also ensures we always have the same people working on our different projects.
A man with tattoos and a t - shirt smiling.
Michael Kohler
CEO, Blade & Shade GmbH
Axisbits has an extremely customer-oriented philosophy and always tries to find solutions and implementations for the wishes of the customers. The work done fully meets our quality standards I would recommend them anytime.
A black and white photo of a woman standing in front of a wall.
Daria Zheglo
Founder, Coudrees
I always enjoyed my contact with them, they’re personable, loyal and fast.
A woman with long blonde hair smiling with her hand on her chin.
Ruth Lundstrom
CEO, The Freelance Suite Ltd.
They are amazing to work with. Communication is faultless and time delivery fantastic. They delivered on everything we initially discussed and more. The team brought some fantastic ideas to the design too.
A man in a plaid shirt is standing in front of trees.
Nshan Petrosyan
Senior Designer, Plastpro Inc.
The communication, organization and support they provide are excellent, despite being a remote team. I've already recommended them to several people and I would rate them a 6 if I could!
A man in a suit and tie smiling.
Remo Latzke
CEO, Raebel & Latzke GmbH
Axisbits was great to work with and the outcome was even better! They work with the newest type of tools and are very clear in structuring the process.

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