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Web App Development

"We need to rebuild our platform to meet the evolving healthcare staffing demands."

Joel Perrenoud

Recruitment in the healthcare sector. An innovative turning point with a complete makeover of the matchmaking platform, Vokus Personal is setting new standards in the industry.

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Our Approach


Tech Transformation

Introduced PHP, Laravel, Vue.js and Figma for comprehensive modernization.

Seamless Deployment

Integrated CI/CD for efficient transitions across development stages.

User-Centric Features

Enhanced staff, client and job management with intuitive algorithms.

Engaging Dashboards

Personalized news, notifications and updates for all users.

Our Solution

A comprehensive, scalable solution for optimized medical job-matching.
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User-Focused Integration

Tailored experiences for all healthcare stakeholders.

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Precision in Job-Matching

Advanced algorithm ensuring optimal role fulfillment.

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All-In-One Dashboard

Instant access to updates, from job alerts to industry news.

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Adaptable Platform

Scales effortlessly, catering to diverse medical entities.

The Result

Streamlined, efficient medical job-matching, elevating user experience.
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Peak Efficiency

Automated processes for rapid, accurate hiring.

Perfect Pairings

Advanced algorithms connect professionals to ideal roles.


Swift, precise matches lead to institutional savings.

User Delight

Enhanced platform design boosts overall user experience.

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Opportunities don't happen, you create them. Fill in the quick form so we can contact you.
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