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Luxe Travel CRM | Regal Wings Inc.

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"We're looking for a customized CRM to make our operations more streamlined and efficient."

Paul Ostering, CTO at Regal Wings Inc.

Engineered a CRM system for Regal Wings, enhancing their client management strategies to match their service standards.

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Our Approach


Deep Dive Analysis

Assessed Regal Wings' workflow, recognizing CRM customization necessities.

Bespoke Designing

Crafted auto-complete features prioritizing speed, ease and data security.

Adaptable Collaboration

Continuously refined the CRM, aligning with evolving company needs.

Our Solution

Custom CRM tailored for luxury travel, emphasizing efficiency, convenience and security.
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Maximized Efficiency

Reformed workflow for heightened productivity.

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User-friendly Interface

Designed with sales managers' preferences in mind.

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Niche Customization

Adapted to luxury travel market specifics.

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Robust Security

Enhanced protection ensuring data integrity.

The Result

Enhanced processing speed, reduced labor forecast and laid scalability foundations.
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Swift Processing

Significantly faster order processing times.

Ready Information

Immediate access to crucial data for sales.

Labor Efficiency

Predicted 20-30% labor reduction in the upcoming year.

Gearing for Growth

Established system groundwork for scaling to luxury market trends.

The Review

"They supported the project’s build stage through to production using a seamless project management style and effective correspondence. Deliverables are forecasted to minimize labor demands by 20-30% upon implementation."
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