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Meet the Team

Team of 24
From developers to strategists, meet our dynamic workforce.
126 Years
Seasoned expertise, total years of combined tech experience across our team.
9 Languages
Communication unlocked, ensuring smooth collaboration.
90% Retention
Happy and loyal, highlighting our positive work culture and dedication.
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Designed with a Difference

Our mission? To amplify results by simplifying tech, ensuring it's accessible to every company and entrepreneur.

From Zurich, we eliminate software development's traditional barriers, merging Swiss quality and standards with Ukraine's tech brilliance.

With our project management rooted in Switzerland, we sidestep language, cultural and trust barriers.
The outcome? Crystal-clear communication and impactful solutions, without the heavy price tag.

Our edge? Speaking your language, not tech riddles. As business-focused professionals, we ensure clarity over confusion.

In our innovative journey, we're not just another software company. We're your trusted partner, simplifying tech and amplifying results.

The Core Collective

Team of 24
Pioneering paths in digital landscapes.
7 Leaders
Each a champion in their arena.
3 Founders
Steering the company towards the future.
A man with his arms crossed in front of a marble wall.
Denis Gomes Iljazi
CEO & Co-Founder
The Digital Architect
A young man with his arms crossed in front of a marble table.
Nicolas Kämpfen
COO & Co-Founder
The Orchestration Maestro
A man in glasses standing in front of a marble wall.
Maxim Kozlovsky
CTO & Co-Founder
The Code Whisperer
A portrait photo of a man in a software development company
Louis Lindenmann
Head of Digital Brand Experience
The Virtuoso
A woman standing in front of a marble wall.
Dariia Gipich
UI/UX Design Team Lead
The Creative Mastermind
A man in a white t - shirt leaning against a marble wall.
Vlad Kaplin
QA Team Lead
The Perfectionist
A young man standing in front of a marble wall.
Alex Gipich
Frontend Team Lead
The Pixel Picasso
A man in a blue shirt standing in front of a marble wall.
Andrey Dzigunskiy
Backend Team Lead
The Engine Room Captain
A man in a black shirt leaning against a marble wall.
Pavel ("Pasha") Pechenkin
DevOps Team Lead
The Cloud Commander
A man with his arms crossed in front of a marble wall.
Artem Benevskiy
WordPress Team Lead
The CMS Wunderkind

Our Genesis

The Humble Beginnings
In 2013, our very own CTO, Maxim, ignited the Axisbits brand's spark.

As a sole proprietor, he worked on the development of future-oriented software solutions.
Forming the Core
This year witnessed the emergence of our backbone. A core ensemble came together, driven by shared ambitions and expertise.

This collective, which remains integral to Axisbits to this day, laid the groundwork for the many milestones that followed.
A Trustworthy Partnership
Our future CEO, Denis, embarked on a journey to find the ideal software development team for a personal project.

After interviewing a staggering 50 candidates, it was clear to him that Maxim was unmatched in passion and expertise.

A friendship was forged, laying the foundation for a future where we would aim to redefine industry standards.
Bridging the Gap
Denis realized the team's outstanding capabilities. At the same time, he observed that many modern firms would hesitate to outsource software due to lack of trust, financial barriers, overcomplicated communication and stiff processes in the industry.

Consequently, he aimed to create a unique business model, featuring project management in Switzerland and a specialized team in Ukraine, emphasizing simplicity, clarity, commitment and accessibility.
The Foundation ©
This year was monumental for us.

Nicolas, our esteemed COO jumped on board, leveraging his extensive background as a Chief Product Officer to help turn the vision into reality.

The three founders, with a shared goal and drive, established the Axisbits GmbH in Zürich, Switzerland.

The mission was clear: To eliminate outsourcing barriers by making software development simple and accessible.
Standing Strong, No Matter What
Despite the intense geopolitical tensions between Ukraine and Russia, our unity was our strength.

We not only held our ground but also expanded our horizons, establishing pivotal connections with prominent businesses and visionary entrepreneurs.

Our team is now counting 15 individuals.
Sky's the Limit
This year marked our rise. Our team grew to 24 passionate individuals and our operations garnered significant interest across the market.

Knowing our worth and potential, we respectfully declined a merger proposition, focused solely on our expansive vision.
Eyes on the Future
Anticipating the evolving needs of our stakeholders, we plan to transition Axisbits into an AG (Aktiengesellschaft).

This strategic move is all about ensuring a seamless share distribution process for all stakeholders and enable stronger, organic growth.
Coming Soon

A Dual Powerhouse Approach

Our Swiss Foundation
Switzerland is synonymous with quality and strong regulations.

Our base here ensures projects align with top-tier standards, offering you trust and professionalism.
Our Ukrainian Tech Edge
Ranked 4th in global tech expertise, Ukraine is our IT heart.

The dedication and collaborative spirit of Ukrainian professionals fuel our projects to success.
Switzerland HQ

Our Distinctives

We prioritize straightforward processes and detailed guidance at every step, helping you make informed, sound decisions with a sense of stability and assurance.
Clarity is our language. We break down complexities, ensuring jargon-free, concise communication keeps you informed and secure every step of the way.
Our unwavering commitment and loyalty echo in every interaction, ensuring you feel valued and your visions nurtured with utmost dedication and care.
Our unique business structure enables every company and entrepreneur access to high-end, affordable software solutions, making innovation accessible with a reduced financial burden.

Gaining Quiet Recognition

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Opportunities don't happen, you create them. Fill in the quick form so we can contact you.
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