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Web Design, Web App Development

"We need an online platform for student-tutor interactions via whiteboard video calls."

David Briffa, Founder & CEO at Edukura Ltd.

Created a unique virtual environment where students and tutors can collaborate in real-time through whiteboard video technology.

The logo for edukura.

Our Approach


Vision Grasp

Clarified client requirements.

Tech Guidance

Used PHP/Laravel and Vue.js for a smooth UI.

Custom Build

Developed a tailored web application for the online learning community.

API Integration

Merged 3rd party APIs for calls and payments.


After rigorous tests, introduced platform for user trials.

Our Solution

Innovative platform redefining boundaries in digital learning.
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Tutor Match

Efficient filters and reviews find perfect tutor matches.

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Whiteboard Video Calls

Engaging video calls with whiteboards enhance learning.

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Payment Security

Prompt, safe payments for every tutor lesson.

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Customized Learning

Tailored experience for every student's unique needs.

The Result

Transformed e-learning and improved student-tutor engagement.
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Unified Learning Hub

Central online platform streamlining student-tutor connections.

Augmented Learning

Whiteboard video calls elevate engagement and understanding.


Built for scalability to accommodate increasing users.

Market Positioning

Custom solution positioning Edukura at online education forefront.

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Opportunities don't happen, you create them. Fill in the quick form so we can contact you.
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