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Elevating Conversions | SimplePin Inc.

Web App Development

“We’re looking for a solid, easy-to-use website that reflects who we are.”

Alexei Prosvirine, CTO at Simplepin Inc.

Created a straightforward and effective customized website, with a focus on brand visibility and user-friendliness.

Simplepin logo on a white background.

Our Approach


Understanding Needs

Had some real talks with SimplePin to get a clear picture of their needs and expectations.

Designing with Purpose

Worked on a design that’s user-friendly and aligns well with SimplePin's brand without being flashy.

Keeping it Functional

Focused on creating practical, optimized landing pages.

Ensuring Reliability

Checked and double-checked to make sure everything’s working just right for everyone.

Our Solution

A balanced, unpretentious design that’s easy to navigate and keeps SimplePin’s identity front and center.
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User-Centered Design

Developed a site that’s about the user's experience, keeping things simple and relatable.

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Balanced Functionality

Maintained a harmonious balance between form and function, avoiding unnecessary frills.

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Stable & Secure

Prioritized smooth, secure operations to ensure a reliable user experience.

The Result

Enhanced SimplePin’s online presence with a focus on stability and user-friendliness.
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Authentic Representation

Helped SimplePin present themselves authentically, reinforcing their relationship with customers.

User Engagement

Provided a stable, user-friendly platform encouraging more user interaction.

Flexibility for Growth

Established a sturdy base for any future adjustments and expansions SimplePin might need.

The Review

"In terms of quality, Axisbits is one of the best developers I’ve worked with. I only have positive feedback. I also like their technical communication."
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