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Our Approach

On a mission to make software development simple and accessible.




Our approach cuts through the noise, offering clear, easy-to-understand solutions and communication.

We are a partner who values trust, breaks down barriers and genuinely cares about bringing your visions to life. We’re all about keeping things simple, clear and committed.

Our methods go beyond code, translating visions into bespoke software solutions.

Seamless Onboarding: Our 5-step approach effortlessly transitions you from a mere idea to a project blueprint, making the journey from inception to initiation a breeze.

One Point of Contact: Communication is key and with our dedicated project managers, it’s always clear and concise. They keep you consistently informed, ensuring mutual understanding and the faithful realization of your vision.

Journey from Concept to Code: Meticulous planning, talented designing and precision coding mean your idea isn’t just realized, it’s refined to perfection.

Unwavering Quality: Our diligent QA teams ensure that the software you receive is of top-tier quality, bug-free and resilient. This dedication to excellence is our standard, not an add-on.

Frontline Technologies: Staying ahead of the curve, we harness the latest technologies and methodologies. This ensures that your product isn’t just current, but pioneering.

Your Vision, Our Mission: We don’t just build software, we build dreams. Your objectives become our goals, ensuring that the software we develop resonates deeply with your audience and aligns perfectly with your business strategy.

How to Get Started

Our approach seamlessly merges open dialogue with meticulous planning.
01 - 05
Discovery Call
We begin with an open conversation to understand your vision, goals and initial requirements. This ensures we're aligned from the get-go.
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02 - 05
Requirements Collection
We dive deeper into the specifics. We'll gather detailed requirements, laying the groundwork documentation of the software requirements. With this, we define the scope and goals of your project.
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03 - 05
Cost Estimation
We analyze the requirements and give you a detailed cost plan and schedule for the implementation of your vision.
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04 - 05
Clarification Call
We hop on another call, ensuring all details are clear, answering any questions and setting mutual expectations. This step is pivotal to ensure the project starts on the right foot.
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05 - 05
Seal the Deal
Once everything is clear, we finalize the terms and sign service agreements. With all the formalities out of the way, the real magic begins: bringing your ideas to life!
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Journey from Concept to Code

01 06
Your journey begins with a warm intro to your dedicated project manager. They'll ensure you have access to our client portal for all essential tools.

To streamline communication, we'll invite you to our Slack channel for real-time interactions and flawless communication.
02 06
The foundation of a project lies in its planning. We define milestones, tasks and set clear timelines.

This step ensures alignment on tasks, schedules and objectives, laying the groundwork for a seamless execution of the project.
03 06
With a strategy set, our designers work to visualize your ideas. They focus on creating intuitive user interfaces and experiences.

From wireframes to prototypes, the end goal is a design that's not only appealing but also functional and user-centric.
04 06
Here, your vision begins to take shape. Our team, using top-notch tools, dives into coding and building the software.

Through regular updates and feedback cycles, we ensure the output aligns perfectly with your initial vision.
05 06
Quality Assurance
Before launch, our QA experts step in. Every feature and function undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it's free from bugs and performs optimally.

Our team's dedication ensures the software meets the high-quality standards set by us and expected by you.
06 06
Launch, Support & Maintenance
The launch phase is a pivotal moment. We ensure a smooth rollout of your software. But our role doesn't end post-launch.

We provide continuous support and maintenance, adapting the software as needed to serve its users best.

Simplifying Workflows

With your dedicated project manager steering the ship, we handle all coordination with our experts. Stay informed, stress-free and watch your vision unfold seamlessly.
A diagram of a smart device design. A diagram of a smart device design. A diagram of a smart device design. A diagram of a smart device design.

Pay as
You Go

Curious about billing? No upfront costs here. We invoice monthly for actual hours worked.

We're committed to transparency, providing detailed monthly reports so you know exactly where your investment goes. Fair, transparent, hassle-free - that's how we handle finances.
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P.S.: Did We
Mention QA?

Navigating the software landscape with us means enjoying advantages, which we have designed to make software development simple and accessible.

Our Quality Assurance Team ensures your software shines. And guess what? Their dedicated support is on the house. Why? Because here, genuine quality isn’t an add-on, it’s a guarantee.

In the world of software development, most companies focus on coding. At Axisbits, we champion a full-cycle custom software development process.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Integrated Excellence: Most providers bill you for project management and quality assurance separately. We don’t. By embedding these crucial phases into our process, we ensure your project gets the attention and precision it deserves, without the added costs.

Client-Centric Approach: Our non-billed project managers play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between tech and business. They ensure timely communications, goal alignment and efficient execution. This singular focus on your needs ensures that your vision translates perfectly into the software solution.

The Assurance Factor: In a domain where ‘bug-free’ is the gold standard, our quality assurance engineers are the guardians of this seal. By not billing for their crucial service, we emphasize that quality isn’t just an added layer—it’s integral to our ethos.

Industry Anomaly: You might wonder, “Why does Axisbits offer this when others don’t?” It’s our belief that by investing in your project’s success from start to finish, we’re building a lasting partnership. This approach might seem unconventional in today’s market, but to us, your success is our success.

Let's Bring Your
Ideas to Life

Opportunities don't happen, you create them. Fill in the quick form so we can contact you.
Opportunities don't happen, you create them. Fill in the quick form so we can contact you.
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