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Top 6 Android & iOS App Development Trends that will Dominate 2022

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Today a mobile device can fully substitute a desktop computer while fitting easily into a pocket. Of course, it has to be chock full of functionality.

Due to the overabundance of mobile apps in the market, every other brand seeks to add more variety to their products and find their target audience. To achieve a leading position, developers need to monitor the latest trends in mobile app development. Below we will take a look at some interesting trends in mobile app development that will be used by companies in the next year.

Top 6 Trends in Mobile App Development

Mobile commerce

The situation around the world is forcing the online sales market to grow and develop as if on steroids. With the help of any convenient device, the user can place an online order and have it delivered in any convenient way. M-commerce is primarily a solution that helps automate sales. In simple terms, mobile commerce is all about simple search, push notifications, and a customer loyalty module (coupons, discounts, etc.).

The most common features that business owners want to see in their online store are voice search, one-click ordering, and multi-channel retail.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments are already taking root in the FinTech industry. Each user can easily link one or several bank accounts to a mobile wallet to perform various financial transactions, including paying utility bills, online transfers, online purchases, etc.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

In 2022, artificial intelligence will lead the way as one of the best technology breakthroughs. Three areas will stand out especially in AI and ML:

  • user face recognition;
  • cybersecurity (using AI and ML, you get a template for organizing data, which will definitely help in analyzing the collected data);
  • machine learning in hyper-automation (Why implement hyper-automation in a mobile application? Firstly, it makes it possible to get better customer support, and secondly, employee productivity is increased by reducing the amount of manual work).

Motion design

In the coming year, UX trends will be more and more common in mobile applications. The interface of the program is as important to the consumer as the functionality of the application itself. Motion design is a rather non-standard development approach that is still ignored by designers today, but such a solution will significantly improve the mobile application and attract more target audience. When introducing this feature, it is worth keeping in mind that motion design animation should not slow down the page loading speed.

Augmented reality (AR)

Virtual reality technology is used in the furniture manufacturing industries, by fashion designers and makeup brands. With the help of a mobile phone camera and a mobile application, the customer will no longer have to buy the product blindly. They will be able to see how a sofa will look in their living room, or how a dress from the new collection of their favorite brand will fit.

Enterprise mobility

2021 made it clear that spending time commuting is at the very least unnecessary, and working from our couch is a great alternative to going to the office. Many enterprises are making plans to continue working remotely. For this reason, the IT market will see an increase in demand for corporate applications that facilitate communication for remote collaboration.

Smartphone as the Center of the Universe

The first thing you grab when going out is, of course, your phone. Without it, we can no longer imagine our life. Mobile applications allow us to monitor our activity, complete tasks quickly and efficiently, freeing up the time to cope with a large number of tasks. All the functionality of a smartphone makes the mobile app market a very lucrative place. In this part of the article, let’s take a look at the trending app ideas that, in our opinion, will shape 2022.


With the realities of our world, it is extremely difficult to see a doctor these days. Telemedicine is gaining popularity due to its great convenience. A video call replaces a trip to the doctor, without queues and other inconveniences – no wonder this diagnostic method is rapidly gaining popularity.

Developing telemedicine applications is without a doubt a great idea for a startup.

Fitness apps

Sometimes we want to visit the gym but simply have no strength to get there. Sounds familiar? Fitness is, first of all, about health. Fitness app development will be one of the most popular mobile app industries in 2022.

Money management apps

Budgeting, investing and saving – those three principles are familiar to everyone. All three aspects are becoming more and more important, so the ideas of money management for both family and business can contribute to the development of successful mobile applications.

Augmented reality apps

Why not put on augmented reality glasses and take a walk through the Louvre Museum or the Colosseum? AR can be used in almost any business area. Virtual reality is still a new idea in mobile app development that grabs the attention of users.

How to Start the Development?

If you follow the trends in mobile application development, your business will bring higher profits. Modern technologies are developing rapidly, you can’t wait for too long to start implementing your ideas. The top 6 mobile app trends and ideas for 2022 that we have shown you will help you achieve a leading position in your niche. If you need help developing a custom mobile application, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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