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Great Examples of React Native Apps in 2021

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The evolution of the mobile technology industry is striding at lightning speed. And services of a well-established, qualified React Native app development company are in quite an intense demand right now. That’s why we decided to timely remind you about the potential of this technology in the market based on the famous React Native-based apps.

What is React Native?

React Native is a specialized mobile app creation framework which is based on an open-source JavaScript library. The platform is used to thoroughly support Android and iOS applications. This allows developers to leverage React along with the native capabilities of the common mobile OS’s.

React Native was initially introduced in 2015 by the software development team of Facebook. Due to its versatility and recognizable creators, the solution quickly gained popularity among developers, startups, and entrepreneurs alike.

Popular Apps Built with React Native

Let’s take a look at the brightest examples of apps built with React Native which you may be using right now.


Bloomberg is a private financial, software, and media company based in New York. In 2016, the team introduced a new consumer mobile app for Android and iOS to the public. To design it, software engineers used a then-new technology created by Facebook – React Native. The space for concurrent development of cross-platform apps has inspired creators to take risks and rebuild their solutions, achieving more market versatility.


One of the most widely and actively used apps in the world. The platform is visited by billions of active users every month and about five hundred million every day. Thanks to React Native, the Instagram team managed to implement a sturdy functionality for Android and iOS at the same time in short terms. And it certainly stood the test of time.


The Skype creators initiated the development of a dedicated mobile application in 2017. The Android version introduced an improved version of Skype. Almost all parts of the application have changed, but these changes allowed for a smooth mobile experience that isn’t inferior a bit to the desktop functionality.


An immensely popular food delivery app. To connect a multitude of popular food outlets, the Uber team has moved their existing app completely to React Native, thereby improving the Restaurants dashboard. The innovations did not keep us waiting long. This made the customer base grow while the UberEats app itself has become one of the most regularly used solutions in the United States.


Perhaps the most famous chain of retail stores around the world. Thanks to React, Walmart built Android and iOS apps by hiring one team instead of two. Thus, the team has reduced not only the project development time but also costs. The time-to-market was accelerated as well, and Walmart beat the competition to meet mass consumer needs.


The electric car maker also used React Native. Tesla mobile application has retained all the basic functions that bring hassle-free UX on both common platforms.

Facebook Ads

Built by the founders of the React Native framework, the platform is an integral part of FB commercial management tools.


A website building framework that used React to make a mobile app for building web solutions on the go. It has been freely available since last year.


The leading service in the field of housing search. It allows you to solve the housing issue from anywhere in the world. Thanks to React, Airbnb has accelerated mobile app development tenfold.

SoundCloud Pulse

Created to browse creators accounts. While developing the application, the SoundCloud mastermind found only React Native to be fit for the project.


Designed to help people cope with daily stress. It contains motivating articles, videos and audio recordings, most smoothly delivered through RN capabilities.


With this geo guide, you can find the most sought-after attractions in the largest cities in the world. And the performance is made seamless exactly via RN.


This app lets you track your steps taken, heart rate, workout quality, and much more. React Native allows its creators to cover both essential market niches at once.


Inspires ideas for creativity, cooking, sports. Suggests ideas for decor, gifts, etc. You know what Pinterest is all about. And the sturdy capacities of React Native make browsing this endless database of images and photos seamlessly.


A great business management platform made available on your phone thanks to RN. You can schedule important events and meetings, as well as receive updates on accounts.


Designed to control devices in a smart home. With just one tap on the screen, you can control heating, water, light, etc. RN helps easily switch between interconnected devices.


These are not all mobile apps that have React Native as the foundation by far. This outstanding framework will help you create a product that will definitely find its audience in this day and age. We are your React Native app development company of choice when it comes to scalable solutions of any complexity and purpose. Contact us.

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