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How can a Flutter app development company boost small business?

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Although Flutter is a comparatively young solution, it penetrates the business world at a quick pace. Google Ads, Alibaba, Birch Finance, and other remarkable Flutter-built players are already enjoying its favors in their operations. However, the opportunities of Flutter mobile app development for small businesses are also vast. A professional Flutter app development company can leverage this promising technology to enhance the growth of small brands and start-ups.

The article focuses on Flutter’s features that are particularly appealing for smaller businesses.

What is Flutter

Flutter is a framework for developing mobile, web, and desktop applications adjusted to several operating systems simultaneously. A user interface software development kit (SDK), it is an open-source cross-platform project aimed to help create a user interface for applications powered by Android, iOS, Windows, or web browsers.

Flutter was launched in 2017, and in 2021, Google issued Flutter 2.0, which supports desktop application development, extending the opportunities for Flutter mobile app development companies.

Flutter, as an SDK, comprises four components:

  • Darts platform. The programming language used to develop an app with Flutter SDK.
  • Flutter engine. Provides the opportunity to implement libraries and delivers high-end rendering support.
  • Foundation library. Availability of diverse APIs to enhance communication with the engine.
  • Design-specific widgets. Widgets offered by the solution suit various platforms, making it a cross-platform SDK. 

The technology perfectly suits small businesses and startups since it is packed with features such as easy usability, fast to code, and compatibility with various platforms. Essentially, it is designed to skyrocket smaller businesses.

Benefits of Flutter App Development for Small Businesses

With 39% of developers already using Flutter, it becomes the promising solution that expedites the app creation process, thus saving you time and money.

How will it help your small business grow? Let’s discuss the major points.

  • It works for your development purposes for free;
  • It is easy to work with;
  • It contains a range of speedy and adjustable widgets;
  • Unlike other apps, it works with any platform;
  • It has an extremely short development time;
  • A hybrid platform, it provides a broader reach than other apps;
  • It is incredibly efficient and reliable.

Convincing enough? Now, let’s have a closer look at why Flutter application development services are a worthy investment.

1. Compared to other platforms, Flutter offers remarkable cost efficiency. 

By using this technology, small businesses can create fast apps with excellent features and designs with limited requirements and at a lower budget.

2. Flutter enhances the development procedure.

Time, money, and effort matter a lot for small businesses. Unlike the other apps, Flutter speeds up the app development process and creates a mobile app that operates faster on various platforms.

3. Flutter saves money.

Flutter offers a code reusability feature, which saves both time and money. You can use a single code to create an app that operates perfectly on multiple platforms. What is more, it reduces the application maintenance expenses too.

4. Flutter delivers a superior user experience.

A Flutter-based user interface (UI) is easy to install practically on any platform. This simplicity becomes attainable thanks to Flutter’s rendering engine that allows switching on to the other platform without changing the UI.

5. Flutter offers a hot-reloading function for improved productivity.

The function is aimed to enhance coordination between designers and developers. Thanks to Hot reloading, all changes in the UI are immediately seen by both designers and developers which saves a great deal of the developer’s time and effort.

6. Flutter apps are exceptionally responsive. 

Flutter-built applications can operate on any platform without any changes to Dart code. Businesses choose Flutter for its high responsiveness from mobile to web, as well as desktop.

7. Flutter guarantees easy access to third-party plugins.

Thanks to the free plugins and widgets provided by Flutter, the whole app development process becomes smoother. Besides, the UI toolkit makes the process simple and intuitive.

8. Flutter provides a vast variety of widgets.

The solution holds an extensive range of widgets to ensure developers can build complex interfaces without any issues, such as different screen size adaptability.

How Much does Flutter Cost?

The application development cost is basically determined by the number of hours required to complete each process. This means that a longer project would consume more time and resources, extending the budget and putting the business in despair. This is where Flutter becomes a savior, taking only half the time to finish an application. A portable UI toolkit, it provides all the features to build excellent native apps in a shorter time.

The reduced development time pleasantly results in reduced expenses. Normally, building a small app would cost from USD 10,000 to USD 20,000. However, creating an app in Flutter would take about half the price. Offering numerous free features and a prompt development cycle, Flutter further enhances the time-to-market and provides you impressive results for a lower cost. 

Wrapping Up

Flutter is an efficient cross-platform development framework that eliminates the basic drawbacks of other cross-platform applications. The solution helps to create impeccable UI. The main benefits of Flutter app development for small businesses are based on the capability to quickly deliver customized apps with smooth operation and at a highly reasonable cost.

Businesses can contact a reputable Flutter mobile app development company that would help them implement prompt and high-performing apps with rich UI. Let Axisbits handle your Flutter app development challenges. We implement advanced web development approaches to provide winning solutions.

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