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Top 10 Flutter Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

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Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK), comprising the tools required to build cross-platform mobile apps. The SDK packs ready-for-use widgets, command prompt tools, APIs for testing and integration, etc.  Furthermore, Flutter allows creating iOS and Android apps with outstanding performance. The SDK managed to defeat the main issues of other cross-platform technologies: poor design, performance, and security problems. Flutter apps are virtually indistinguishable from native ones.

This article regards 10 Flutter tips, tricks, and techniques that should help enhance your working process. 

Advantages of Flutter App Development

Let’s focus on Flutter’s core features that identify not only its popularity but also the need for the design of a cross-platform app. 

Reduced time-to-market

Flutter lets developers exploit a common fragment of code for various platforms. This has a positive influence on development time. Thus, the exploitation of Flutter application development services allows introducing your app to market twice as fast. 

App development cost

A cross-platform solution enables you to develop a common code base for a couple of platforms with a further translation of the code to the operating system, while with personal development, you have to pay for two separate applications. This saves 30% to 50% on iOS and Android app development. From this point of view, Flutter is a perfect solution for developing a minimum viable product (MVP).

Top 10 Flutter Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

If it is necessary to design a mobile application with the help of Flutter, follow these here 10 Flutter tips, tricks, and techniques. 

Create intro display in 15 Minutes

Introduction Screen will assist in creating an intro screen in 10 minutes. This widget is totally configurable and has an excellent design. If you would like to add something else, you can hire a Flutter developer that undertakes screen design and development. 

Personalized UI

The Flutter framework offers ample opportunities for setting the UI with minimal time. A set of tools enables you to make the process of development as flexible as possible. Therefore, enforced the uniqueness of the design and the high productivity of the formed app.

Use the advantages of dependencies with

The is a Service Locator for Flutter and Dart projects with certain additional advantages. You can use this as a substitute for InheritedWidget to access objects from the UI. Thus, as your application grows, it’ll be necessary to locate the app’s logic in classes that are segregated from your widgets.

Code Format Utilizing dartfmt

Remember to append trailing commas (,) every time because this will assist in formatting code by means of dartfmt.

Use the cascade operator

The double dot operator is referred to as the cascade operator. Cascade operators make the consistency of operations on the same object. This operator is utilized to achieve code clarity and conciseness.

Extension to reduce duplicates

When coding, try to avoid writing the same pieces of code over and over. Suppose you need to transform HTML tags to be shown on the UI. But Flutter continues to not support HTML tags fully, and you need to build one and the same code in a few places. Thus, you can build an extension method that is possible to utilize everywhere required.

Create incredible icons through Font Awesome

Want to create incredible icons in your application? You don’t need to be an occupational designer for that. Simply utilize the Font Awesome for Flutter and you will build awesome icons for your application. If you have any special requirements, you can always contact a specialized Flutter app development company. 

Productivity overlap for good debugging

Productivity overlap points out the time necessary for a frame to build. It indicates the GPU time above and the UI time below. In case you’ll find a red line in the UI graph, the Dart code is too costly. If you see a red vertical line in the GPU, the frame is too costly to render.

Never profile in the debug mode

If your profile is in debug mode, you will not receive precise performance rates. Debug mode works far slower than production mode by default. Profile mode is turned off on the simulator since the simulator does not display how the application, as a matter of fact, works on a real device. 


Flutter has totally changed the rules of the game of cross-platform app development all over the world. It certainly deserves the rank of the best among mobile app development tools. If you want to develop a high-performance, flexible mobile, desktop, or web application for your business, you should certainly go for a Flutter app development company. Only in this way can you save precious development time and gain rapidly running and scalable applications.

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