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The Cycle of UI Design Trends

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Each of us has had an experience of interacting with a site or application that was outdated and completely inconvenient. This happens when creators completely forget about user experience and user interface design.

In this post, we’ll take a look at such concepts as skeuomorphism and neumorphism, and analyze the most notable UI design trends in 2021 that will help keep your project fresh and modern.

From Skeuomorphism Back to Neumorphism

On the day when smartphones were updated and volumetric icons became flat, skeuomorphism left our lives.

Skeuomorphism is a design trend based on the realistic depiction of objects. Its graphics show the volume of objects: light, shadows, highlights, and textures. By now, this design direction has not completely disappeared, but it is rare. 

However, skeuomorphism hasn’t gone away forever – it has influenced subsequent graphics solutions that users interact with today. At first, skeuomorphic images became “bad taste” and were replaced by the cardinal opposite – flat design. This revolution took place in 2012-2014. Flat pictures without shadows, glare, and texture became popular. 

Flat design is actively used to this day, but there have been other alternatives. The most viable one is material design. This trend was invented by Google and combines features of flat design and skeuomorphism. Material design is based on imitation of printing. Blocks on the website become layers of paper that can be placed at different levels and cast shadows.

There is another current trend that refers to skeuomorphism – neumorphism. The concept appeared at the end of 2019 and has not yet found widespread use. This trend is based on three-dimensional figures without clear outlines.

Neumorphism is developing very actively. In its original form, it didn’t last long, but now it is gradually changing towards a more sophisticated and accessible vision. It is similar to skeuomorphism but has a fresher, modern, and aesthetic vibe.

Top 5 Trends for 2021

In 2020, the events worldwide affected all industries and spheres of life. These developments have increased the role of digital products in business and the daily lives of people. As a result, companies’ commercial success has come to depend on UI design services. It is important for them how well the interface is designed in their products and how pleasant it is to use it. So, what’s the next UI design trends?

Immersive 3D elements

3D design elements have been fascinating users for many years. This trend will continue to grow in 2021 as VR and AR technologies gain momentum. Thus, it is a perfect idea to combine these techniques to create hyper-realistic 3D images that span the user’s entire screen.

This trend allows designers and UI design companies to embellish their websites. In this way, they encourage potential customers to stay longer and increase the average session duration. Such visuals are engaging users as they transcend the boundaries between virtual space and real life.


In 2021, the major trends in UI design will be even more UX-related. So, developers need to take care of the high-quality rendering of elements in augmented reality.

First of all, it is necessary to process the quality of each element, taking into account the colors and sizes. Also, it is important to check how good the augmented reality elements will look in different places.

Today AR is still quite primitive, but it is increasingly being used to present new products and ads. Full-fledged online exhibitions of paintings are already being held with its help.

Therefore, working on the interface of applications that implement AR is one of the key tasks most developers will have in 2021.

Vivid colors and simplicity

The use of vibrant colors and gradients continues to gain popularity across all types of web designs, especially in front-end, branding, and illustration UI/UX design services.

Also in the trend is ultra-minimalistic design, involving the use of an extremely limited palette, simple shapes, and more negative space, which makes it possible to divide parts of the page and prioritize visuals.


Glassmorphism is among UI design new trends in interface that is increasingly talked about in the design communities. But as you know, everything new is well-forgotten old. The technique was first introduced widely in Windows Vista and iOS7. Now this style can be seen in Mac OS Big Sur and Microsoft Fluent Design.

The trend includes such characteristics as frosted glass effect with blur, multi-layered objects, bright colors, and more. It’s great for minimalistic designs. Proper use of the glass effect will help to avoid heavy elements in the interface and its clutter.

Microinteractions to drive user engagement

User experience consists of small moments that remain in our memory and create a general impression of things, events, and digital products. Microinteractions are a chance to add a grain of inspiration to a product’s UX and transform it into a memorable digital experience. Almost invisible, they add dynamism, interactivity, and intuitiveness to the design of a website or application. Don’t let your users get bored while waiting for the web page to load – interact with them by displaying a funny loading animation.

Make every moment of user experience enjoyable and delightful by creating interactive micro-interactions, tab animations, button-click responses, micro-navigation interactions, and more. And don’t neglect professional UI/UX design services.


2021 is the year of 3d graphics, vivid colors, and font variety. UI is aimed towards minimalism, lightness, and simplicity. Particular attention is paid to details. The interface is becoming less visible. Graphic design is becoming more daring, bold, absurd, with hints of brutalism and anti-design.

If you want to update your project taking into account new trends, you can contact a UI design company that provides UI design services. They know how to make web and mobile applications convenient, as well as how to involve the user in effective interaction with the product. Skillfully working with the information architecture of the project, companies with UI/UX design services will organize logical paths of user transitions and you will get a truly unique interface.

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