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Axisbits Continues Perfect Streak of Five Star Reviews

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Through the years, Axisbits has distinguished itself among the elite in digital industry. Our team has won countless awards for our services and continues to gain recognition for our forward-looking approach.

We’ve also made efforts to gain the trust of our clients by encouraging them to share their thought on our work through reviews. This has proven a great asset for us as their words have become as big an influence on our groth as our own initiatives.


The company we worked with is one of the leading tattoo studios in Switzerland. They wanted to develop a new homepage that presents their work with high quality. They discovered our team through word of mouth from various sources. They finally selected us after discussing the project’s details and their goals.

Once all the details were decided on, the project itself was a fairly straightforward affair. Unfortunately, we can’t go through much of the details here. But those interested can read the client’s full review on our Clutch profile.

We do want to highlight that thanks to the collective high score we’ve earned across all our reviews up to this point, it has given us a lot of positive attention. One of the most recent has been our inclusion in the top 80 web design companies in Switzerland list on The Manifest.

They are a [company listing site](, whose rankings serve as a guide for businesses in need of specific skill sets for their ongoing projects. Our inclusion in their list is a good development for us as our presence on their platform means several things.

First, due to the high-traffic and B2B focused nature of the site, we’ll be easier to find for potential clients. Second, our high ranking on the site establishes us as experts in the field and the best choice for their upcoming projects. All in all it significantly raises our chances of being selected for projects in the coming months.

Our team intends to take advantage of this opportunity and showcase our skills to a wider audience. We already have the skills, knowledge, and experience to dominate our industry. All we require is the chance to do so.

To learn more about how we’re shaping the future of tech, read about the interview with our CEO on Website Planet.

If you think we’re the right team for you, please reach out to us via phone, email, or the form available on our [contact page]( We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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