UX vs UI Design. Pro Tips On Building Great User Experience for Your App

UX vs UI Design. Pro Tips On Building Great User Experience for Your App

Design is a topic of active discussion nowadays. Not a single properly implemented website, web application or software piece for public use can do without insightful design. Specialists in the field of UX/UI design form a huge buzzing community of like-minded thinkers. But at the same time, many do not know the difference between UX vs UI design, which often causes project work issues.

The Difference Between UX & UI Design

The terms UX and UI design are very often combined into one. At first glance, it may seem that these are co-dependent concepts. But they are not, actually. Despite the fact that these concepts have certain common features and certainly depend on each other to some extent, there is a number of defining differences.

What's UX design in a nutshell? An abbreviation for “user experience” translates the level of convenience during interaction and accessibility of implementing target actions in a certain piece of software. In essence, defines the “feel” a certain software solution gives off.  

UI, on the other hand, is a “user interface”, which describes a complex of visuals and navigation elements a user sees before their eyes when working with a solution. We are talking about the color scheme, interactive elements, text markup, and other visually represented components. 

Accordingly, UX design is all about the functionality of the product and the impressions users get from it. The simpler the software interface is, the easier it will be to convert users into customers and carry out the targeted impact. 

UI design, however, is focused on the visualization your target audience is to experience when accessing your solution. Illustrations, design of buttons, menus, fonts, and other visual aspects are encompassed by UI design.

Thus, the main difference between UX and UI is the difference in tasks these concepts perceive. Due to the fact that user experiences may vary, UX design should analyze the actions of users based on tests and special prototypes. But the main goal of the UI designer is to convey how to use the product to the user in the clearest manner possible.

Thought Process
Critical Thinking Convergent Thinking
Creative Thinking Creative Thinking
Visual Strenghts
Task Flows Colors
Scenarios Typography
Design Based on
Users Client's
Needs Needs
Research Requirements
Design Principles
Human Centered Design Visual Design
Wireframes Mockups
Prototypes Graphics
Research Layout
Sometimes Fills
Information Architect Graphic Designer
Program Manager Brand Designer
Content Strategist Web Designer
Functional Analyst Frontend Developer

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