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13 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign – A Devil’s Dozen Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

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Technology moves quickly nowadays, the functionality and features of websites require constant updates as well. The objective reality is so that web resources often get outdated. Though one cannot have control over the changing digital trends, there are some signs, which may prompt you that your website redesign project plan is required right now. You should not allow your most powerful marketing tool to get slow, unattractive, unresponsive, or not mobile-friendly, so you have to be aware of the tell-tale signs signaling about the necessity to update your online business asset.

We have prepared a website redesign checklist for you to check from time to time and take the actions if it’s necessary.

Website redesign checklist:

1. Outdated site design

The difference between old and modern sites is great and though there is no such a notion as an expiration date for a website, you should not allow it look too colorful (2-3 color scheme looks perfect), cluttered with poorly sized images or outdated. On average every 3 to 5 years are a good rule of thumb for a website redesign.

A site is the face of your business and it should be clear, simple and clean to portray your business professionally, otherwise, the trust to your brand may be damaged with the user’s bad first impression.

2. Poor first impression

Not only design, but loading speed is crucial for site success. When the page loading speed exceeds 5 seconds, 75% of users leave the site and almost half of them never return. It’s reasonable to aim as little as 3 seconds to be successful. 

Besides, this parameter is essential for search ranking and can damage it as well. Redesign almost always solves the problem if it exists, so a good idea is to test your site speed minimum once a year. Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool is quite helpful.

3. High bounce rate 

This parameter shows the proportion of visitors who leave your site just after they have viewed the first page. The norm is considered somewhat between 40 to 50 %, but you have to aim to get the minimum in this parameter. Then you may be sure your site is a valuable and engaging asset for the users and therefore the chances to expand your deals are high. 

Keep it in mind that different pages have diverse bounce rates and what is a norm for a contact page cannot be appropriate for a home page, for instance. If the problem is characteristic to the whole site, not just a few pages, an analysis should be made and revamp is advisable.

4. Less visitor time on site

In case visitors leave your site in a short time, it turns them off either being too complicated, confusing, without a convenient search option, etc.  A more effective design can then offer your users more value and convenience, then their presence will be longer.

5. Your website design isn’t solid or valid

The modern users trust powerfully crafted sites, seeing a solid design people will more likely become your customers. Besides, it should be rich in content to demonstrate your competence and a good idea is to provide educational content as well to provide informational value to your customers. With a new design, you can add the missing pages and tabs and presuppose the possibility to add new sections and pages when it’s needed.

6. Low conversion

In case the users visit your site but do not take action, you still have to consider improvements. Low conversion can be overcome by the redesign – most likely the key on-page elements (CTA’s, social proof, clear buttons and sections, etc…) are wrong or missing and improvements will help your website to convert better, so troubleshoot and craft a perfect conversion funnel through a new powerful design. Believe us, the website redesign costs are more than paid later with proper conversions.

7. Lacking user-friendliness

A successful online resource is a user-friendly one. Positive user experience comprises many factors – easy navigation, valuable content, and clear СTA’s are just the main of them going along with clean design and personalization. Meeting the requirements of the modern UX you’ll increase engagement, conversion, and loyalty through positive and unique experience for each visitor coming to your website.

8. Not responsive

The stats of 2018 has shown that almost three-quarters of queries come from mobile devices, so to gain more visitors, your site should be responsive. More than that, Google ranking is now based on the sites’ mobile versions. In case your site shows poor results as to these aspects, it’s high time to improve the responsiveness- capacity to adjust automatically to the screens of different sizes. So nowadays it’s a non-debatable feature for your site, but a must to boost your audience engagement and conversion rates.

9. Insufficient site menu

The menu which is not visible or does not contain enough links complicates your users’ search and getting around your site. A proper design will include a sitemap which will incorporate the important site pages and the paths to them.

10. Limited site

A really professional site for a trustworthy business should be custom-build or at least be based on WordPress. Otherwise, it will fail to gain trust and prove validity. Besides, an entrepreneur is unlikely to create a website as good as the professionals will do, so entrust it to the experts, like Axisbits company.

11. Lack of SEO

Search Engine Optimization enables your site to be shown above the others in Google, Bing and Yahoo search results. The optimized content and properly chosen target keywords are a great means to enhance the ranking, but if the site structure is not SEO-friendly, the content won’t work well.

That’s why design should be created to streamline SEO and structured according to Google requirements.

12. New functionality Needed

Every business grows and develops and in the process of it, it requires more tools to keep afloat and prosper. This should be reflected on your site as well, you may allow your customers to appoint visits online, integrate your site with marketing tools and campaigns or social media or CRMs, whatever. Still, new functionality should always simplify the life of your users and benefit your business processes. As soon as you start thinking over your future redesign, keep in mind the enhanced functionality and put it to life in your new site version.

13. Security concerns

Though many businessmen argue if this is a significant aspect to consider and to start website redesign, lots of online resources contain plenty of valuable and sensitive data to keep it secure. It’s essential to analyze the information you have and gather on the web and make an audit of your site’s security condition. If the failures are found, the coding and security patches should be updated.


Now as you’ve gone through all the 13 signs we mentioned, you have a clear understanding of whether your website requires a redesign right now or you can brainstorm it later. Anyway, you should consider the qualified teams able to make the revamp properly so that your renewed site becomes attractive, converting, user-friendly, secure and accessed on any device. Axisbits can do the work for you professionally. Contact us for assistance and get your website redesign proposal if you are ready to take it up.

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