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Web Design Services for Small Business: How to Extend Your Team with Skilled Professionals Using Virtual Teams

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Web marketing is becoming a more and more essential part of numerous business areas nowadays. Therefore, the issue of its cost-effectiveness and overall efficiency arises. This is where virtual teams come in handy. Let’s figure out the most significant edges of remote web design services for small businesses over the traditional ones, consider their shortcomings, and find out how you can implement this organization approach into your web business successfully.

Virtual Teams in Web Design Services for Small Business: Flexible, Fast, and Cost-Effective

Virtual teams provide you with immense hiring opportunities. As internet coverage is your only limitation, you can create your team of professionals connecting people from all around the world. Here are the key advantages of this solution:

  • Global talent acquisition. No more relocation issues, you can select the best employees regardless of their geolocation;
  • High availability. You coordinate your virtual team via communication technologies. It means your people are one click away from speaking with you. Conventional office employees tend to be less responsive and accessible via communication channels;
  • Increased performance. The virtual team completes your tasks in no time and delivers solutions substantially faster. Here’s the thing: as long as your team members are distributed across the globe, you can organize your workflow for a 24/7 schedule. Different team units can work on the same project in turns. It significantly reduces your time to market, which is an indisputable advantage in our effectiveness-driven world;
  • Affordable services. You can’t deny the vital importance of cost-effectiveness. Virtual teams are usually much cheaper than conventional ones because you can save an enormous amount of money by excluding office expenses and other complementary purchases from your budget.

Virtual Teams Shortcomings: Control and Organization Concerns

Like any other solution, virtual teams have their disadvantages. Let’s discover virtual teams’ flaws and learn to negate their impact on your business performance.

More Coverage – Less Control

You ought to understand that remote workers are considerably more difficult to control, especially when they are distributed between several time zones. You need to use project management tools and workflow organizers to cope with this diversity and put your online business on track.

Cultural Issues

One more aspect of employing a virtual team you should take into account is the cultural sensitivity. For example, straightforward description of a bad situation is a common practice in American business culture. However, Asian workers consider this inappropriate and culturally unacceptable. This issue is due to the vast difference between business cultures. You need to come up with a strict communication strategy and workflow guidelines to ensure stable and high-quality work of all your employees.

What Can a Virtual Team Do for You?

Remote teams are a perfect fit for enterprises of all sizes. IT-giants like Microsoft and IBM along with numerous SMEs are benefitting from virtual teams, and there is a reason for it. Remote teams are highly cost- and time-effective, as they offer affordable labor and significantly reduced time to market. Small businesses benefit from these aspects the most.

When it comes to business website design company expectations, we want quality UI/UX for a reasonable price within a short time frame. Now, this can sometimes be quite impossible, taking into account traditional meetings, workflow planning, and the limited number of employees. Fortunately, you can solve this issue with virtual teams.

If you are looking for software development companies in Ukraine, consider AxisBits.  Their remote team offers a full web-development cycle: from initial research and prototyping to the cutting-edge development and testing technologies and launching the product. There are 3 reasons why this is a huge benefit for small businesses:

  • Remote teams mean an integrated approach. Small businesses often don’t have a lot of resources to spend on web development. The virtual team takes over the project completely and delivers results. It is convenient;
  • Virtual teams mean tenfold performance increase. Dedicated remote teams allow small businesses to accelerate product development considerably. This makes a difference when the time to market matters to you;
  • Remote teams are affordable. The virtual team of professionals at AxisBits knows its job and won’t waste your time and money. In terms of software development Ukraine has built a superb market position. This is why experienced remote teams from this country are a gold mine for small businesses looking for affordable web design solutions.

The Bottom Line

Virtual teams are an exceedingly powerful tool for kickstarting web marketing these days. They open limitless opportunities for businesses to grow online. Whether you are searching for web design & development company in USA or anywhere else, make sure to select a quality remote team for your web design needs and enjoy the time and cost effectiveness it delivers.

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