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Why Your Business Needs a Chatbot

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Today AppStore contains more than two million applications, and Google Play has the same number. Despite this abundance, people are installing fewer new applications. The most often used apps are instant messengers, and this trend is increasing. So why not communicate with customers right there using the benefits of chatbots?

Here are the main reasons why your business needs a chatbot:

  • If the operators of your call center or technical support are already communicating a lot with clients via phone, email, or messengers, and the load is so large that it requires the automation of the process;
  • When a company has simple, often repetitive business processes, their automation will increase the efficiency of employees’ work;
  • If the services of the company are working around the clock, seven days a week, a well-tuned chatbot will reduce the costs you would need to spend on maintaining a large call center by solving standard issues and only redirecting complex cases to live operators;
  • If your company’s activities are aimed at a young audience. In the case when the target audience is 35+, it is probably not worth spending efforts on implementing a chatbot that is probably not worth the effort yet. It is better to wait until communication via messengers and bots becomes more familiar to your audience;
  • When the assortment of the company consists of technically complex products that require consultation;
  • If your operators receive recurring orders (ordering pizza, taxi, etc.);
  • In the case when the product catalog has an accessible structure and is easy to sort into categories and subcategories, as well as offer related products.

Benefits of Chatbots

The demand for bots is growing every year. In 2020, up to 80% of enterprises choose this effective way of communicating with customers. Chatbot business benefits are clear.

Provides effortless customer service management

Chatbots allow conveying interesting information to each customer. Using data about the visitor, you can develop personalized offers, promotions, and discounts for those products that are important to them.

Many users are tired of the huge amount of information dumped on them on many resources. That is why they will be glad if you get rid of the stream of “special offers” that are proposed to everyone.

Provides 24/7 instant customer service

Chatbots are able to help in placing an order and answering technical questions of the buyer. Chatbot development will save you from the need to maintain a support service, at least at night.

Complex questions that a virtual assistant cannot answer can be entrusted to the competent specialists and everything basic level left to the chatbot, which will work around the clock and free of charge.

Efficiency bomb!

With the help of simple manipulations (for example, surveys, obtaining certain data about customers, and so on), the chatbot is able to facilitate the process of choosing a product as much as possible. This is especially important for those visitors who are visiting your online store for the first time: they may get confused by the navigation, not find the desired product and leave unhappy. A bot advisor will help them.

The chatbot also collects and uses information about existing customers: their location, purchased products, various demographic characteristics, and other features. This helps to simplify a repeated purchase, to create a personal offer (a discount, or a gift, taking into account the client’s status). This increases loyalty, and the customer feels special.

Sets your conversion rate on fire!

Using a chatbot shows that you care that the visitor leaves happy and receives answers to all questions. The customer understands that all this is done for their convenience and certainly appreciates such treatment.

Enterprise chatbot development provides an opportunity to collect feedback from customers (and take appropriate measures: correct errors and quickly resolve certain issues), which is also very important for a successful business. Without a virtual assistant, you might not know anything about a problem. Not all failed buyers leave feedback – more often, they simply go to other sellers and never come back.

Improves business branding

The more you focus on innovation, the better your business is perceived by potential and repeat customers. The bot minimizes problems and ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction, which is the surest way to promote your brand!

How to Create a Chatbot for Website

The whole process consists of the following 4 stages:

  • Define a goal. Write down what the online chatbot should do: help you manage the company or accompany the client through the sales funnel. After that, clearly indicate the list of functions within the chosen direction. All further work depends on the thoroughness of this stage. Think about a portrait of the average person who will communicate with the robot, including the sentences they can use and questions they may ask.
  • Choose the place where your customers are located. If you have made up the portrait of your client, then you know exactly where they prefer to communicate with you – on your company’s website or through a social network.
  • Choose a way to create the chatbot. There are only 2 ways – creation from scratch and using special services. Accordingly, the functionality will either be 100% adapted to the specifics of your business, or you will have a limited number of settings at your disposal.
  • Configure and run the bot. But before that, write down the algorithm of its actions, upload the database with answers, and test it. Polish everything up before presenting your bot to potential clients.


Do you need a chatbot for your business? We don’t even doubt it. You just need to decide on its format. The Axisbits team knows how to create a chatbot for website for small, medium, and large businesses. Feel free to contact us by phone or chat on our website for any questions.

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