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5 Must-read Axisbits Articles of 2021 About Web And Mobile Development

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2021 is already coming to an end, and just like every other year, it has been marked by both challenging and positive moments. Let’s welcome 2022 and hopefully all the great things it will bring by remembering a few articles we’re most proud of. 

Here’s your chance to catch up on some meaningful topics that some of you might have missed out on. Our list contains five highly informative publications ranging from the newest healthcare technology trends to front-end development outsourcing. 

Whether you’re thinking about implementing any of the advice mentioned in these articles or just curious about the graceful cooperation of business, technology, and development – we’re here to help you with our top picks.

Healthcare Technology Trends in 2021: Which to Choose for Your Project?

It’s been almost two years since the global pandemic has changed the way we approach and view remote services. Health tech solutions are no different. What was before a necessity only to some became a fundamental need for all of us. 

Numerous revolutionary solutions in business and technology permeate the medical sector to help diagnose and treat patients more efficiently, relieve pain or help medical students study while also increasing overall productivity, which is beneficial for the business-like side of the industry.

Learn how to use such trendy technological advances as big data, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence in the medical industry and how they help to shape our future today with this enlightening publication.

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How can eLearning Development Help Your Business?

E-learning is not a new concept. However, not everyone knows how this form of streamlined education can help businesses successfully grow and evolve by making sure your employees are well-informed and accomplished in their professional lives.

This type of learning has many advantages. Not only is it more cost-effective and productive than old methods of onboarding, but it also solves the eternal struggle of organizing lessons while having different people study at a different pace and any time they want.

This article is also going to help you if you want to develop an e-learning website yourself by providing you with a little push you needed to actually get on with the project.

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6+ Essential Startup Metrics to Impress Potential Investors

Some may think a promising idea is the only thing a new business needs to find a partner or a potential investor. Yet, a vague understanding of business processes and a heartfelt promise of a prosperous and profitable future endeavor are understandably not enough. 

To successfully pitch your startup to your potential investors, you’ll have to present them with a few key business metrics. And you’ll have to read the article to find out which ones. We’re not going to spell them out for you here. This list acts as both a motivation and an enticement.

You’ll also find out a few common types of startup funding and how they differ by both their processes and impression tactics. Plus, we’ll tell you a couple of tips and tricks for your first meeting with investors.

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Benefits of an ERP System: How ERP Can Improve Business Efficiency

In the modern exceedingly competitive business environment, numerous companies,  regardless of their size and industry, are constantly trying to up their efficiency game. One of the ways to do that is to implement an enterprise resource planning system.

A fitting ERP system grants multiple possibilities of boosting the company’s internal ecosystem by modernizing workflows and automating many important business processes, such as procurement, inventory, client management, etc.

Take a look at the article to discover how these solutions take care of routine tasks and also provide you with valuable insights through their informative reports.

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How to Outsource Front-end Development: An Ultimate Guide

Sometimes managing a whole in-house IT department can get too costly. This is when outsourcing comes to the rescue. It has many reasonable benefits, which are all mentioned in our publication.

With front-end development, it’s all about choosing the right partner and contractor. Learn what to look at when choosing a development company and where to find one. Do you know where one of the most rapidly growing technology markets is currently located? We do.

After reading our article, you’ll also discover the needed tech stack and the most sought-after skills in the front-end these days and how exactly they help bring your projects to your customers.

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Bottom line

We hope you liked this list of our best articles this year. Which topic was the closest to your heart? We’d like to hear your feedback. If you’re also nurturing an idea of a project to create in the upcoming year and looking for the best company to fulfill it – contact us following this link and tell us all about it.

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