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How to Outsource Front-end Development: An Ultimate Guide

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Outsourcing is getting services from an outside provider. It is common in sectors where there is a lack of jobs or where labor expenses are too high, such as in software development. Recently, outsource front end development has become more and more popular as the cost of maintaining an in-house IT department has become too high.

What Is Front End?

Front end is the essential element of any web project, which is accountable for the appearance of the site: GUI, buttons, navigation menu, texts, images. The grade of the front-end application will largely determine whether people will use your product.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – these are the basic concepts for creating front-end development outsourcing.

HTML is the skeleton of a website, which defines the arrangement of the main static elements and content of the leaf. CSS tells the explorer how the site should look like, what color the pages will be, whether the buttons are rounded, whether they cast shadows. These two technologies are the basis of web layout.

In today’s world, this is not enough, so sites are still actively using JavaScript. 

This programming language permits you to run software scripts on the customer part, that is, directly in the browser. Many development tools, commonly called frameworks and libraries, appeared on the basis of the language. They use JavaScript or Typescript to effectively solve specific problems and boost the efficiency of development for different tasks.

Reasons for Outsourcing

Outsourcing front-end development to an external vendor is a significant and accountable decision. Let’s understand the benefits of outsourcing front end application development and determine how to choose the right contractor.

Cost Efficiency

By hiring in-house, you take on a lot of associated costs. Hire front end developer requires an abundance of time to research the job market, holding interviews, review resumes. Next, a specialist must be provided with a workplace, a powerful computer, and pay for licenses to use the software. In addition, vacation and sick pay will have to be paid. By hiring an outside contractor, you do not have to worry about any of this. Thus, the customer reduces production overhead, thereby increasing profits.

Affordability and Scalability

The programme development cycle has different intensities. Depending on the phase, various levels of proficiency and team size are required. An extensive team may be required at the start of development, while a single dedicated specialist may be enough to retain the finished network, quickly correct errors, and develop new features.

Expertise and Experience

It takes a long time to make a able team of developers who will work collectively effectively. Many companies have their own training systems and vertical organizational structure. If you need a separate project, you won’t have time for such long preparations. Thus, hiring an external resource to create a front end will protect you from situations where the qualifications of a hired employee were not enough, or the team needs to be expanded quickly to perform a sudden vast total of work.

Task Specifics

If you have a formalized term of reference, design layouts, and prototypes, you can swiftly outsource the job to the front-end. You can strengthen your team of in-house designers and developers by outsourcing. This will permit you to perform compound tasks efficiently. If there is contact between team members and administrative finance to manage the project team, then outsourcing will quickly establish interaction with your in-house staff.

Where Outsource Front End Development

Eastern Europe and South America are leaders in front end development and outsource web development.

The Eastern European technology market is growing every year. For instance, Poland’s pool of tech talent increased by 8% in 2018 and by 5% in 2019. This means that between 2016 and 2019, the country gained more than 66,000 specialists. A similar situation occurred in Ukraine, where the growth was 7% and 3.8%, respectively. There are now more than one million professional developers in the region, with Poland, Ukraine, and Romania leading the way.


When choosing a front end development company, you need to accurately imagine the format of cooperation and know what results you need. A reliable performer will offer different remuneration formats depending on the degree of responsibility he/she will have for the project. We are ready to study your requirements, help to form a technical solution and assemble the team which implements the project.

All our developers, regardless of middle or senior level, are proficient in modern development tools and know all best practices and industry standards of work. They know JavaScript and Typescript and are proficient in famous front end frameworks like React, Angular and Vue. Adopting best practices and being able to write supported code allows them to create quality digital products. When working on projects, they set up automated testing, which allows them to work with a large combination of interface input parameters.

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