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What to Expect from Enterprise Software Development in 2021?

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Felt market shocks, such as the pandemic, help standardize trends that were previously visible only to specialists – and this is especially relevant for enterprise software development. The global enterprise software market growth has slowed in 2020 due to the negative economic impact of the pandemic, but everything is expected to return to the same rates of annual growth (13.2% growth projected) in the entire IT industry in 2021.

There is but one downside, which, however, comes out as positive for enterprise software development: there is a need to improve corporate software for full-fledged work from home. The fastest-growing segment in the IT industry – remote performance and interaction, is likely to grow even faster.

What Pushes Enterprise Software Engineering in 2021?

The most important principles for enterprises installing required solutions that set the current and most likely future trends in enterprise software development include:

  • security
  • accessibility
  • ease of installation

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been setting trends for a long time not only in corporate software. With its ability to process natural language, deep learning and machine learning capacities, the technology streamlines management, automates data manipulation, and scales enterprise software usage easily.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, AI can ensure the security of the enterprise through thorough detection of data leaks, suspicious IP addresses, and so on.

Low-code technologies

Low-code solutions gaining popularity is a consequence of the need to simplify the installation and use of products. The whole point is that you don’t need to be a developer to create a cross-platform application or an entire system using a graphical user interface. The trend of using low-code technologies will become increasingly noticeable: in 2019, the volume of the world market for low-code technologies was estimated at 11.45 billion dollars, which is expected to will grow by 22.7% by 2027.

Big Data

Keep in mind the need to store huge amounts of data somewhere. The Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) model of employing Big Data is gaining popularity. Using this model, you can process, analyze, and collect data on rented storage, without having to spend money on a local server and staff.


Blockchain enables decentralized communication based on a P2P network. This approach provides transparency, increased security, making the blockchain convenient for use in corporate software.

Cloud services

“Software as a Service” (SaaS) cloud solutions are popular among enterprise software development services mostly due to security and cost-efficiency (as opposed to physical data storage). With the advent of the fifth generation of mobile communications, this trend will only expand.


Compared to the fourth generation of mobile communications, 5G can guarantee higher bandwidth, which means less latency, less battery drain, device-to-device mode capacities, and more. This is a great environment for enterprise software development best practices.

Best Practices for Enterprise Software Development in 2021

Let’s continue briefly analyzing the major software development trends in 2021 based on the specific practices used by leading companies.

Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is, basically, a website that acts and works like a full-blown mobile or PC application. This technology powers such well-known products as Telegram, Twitter, and AliExpress. PWA development is carried out by such enterprise software development companies as Attract Group and BLAK IT Solutions. Why is PWA the future? They are cheaper, faster, take up little space, and don’t require a permanent network connection.


The Internet of Things has been involved in enterprise software development since long ago. It is this technology that ensures the extensive operation of corporate software, helping to automate and optimize workflows through interconnection and centralization.


Like other industries, enterprise software development is influenced by VR/AR technologies because virtual reality is not only about games, but also about marketing, sales, education, and planning in various fields. VR/AR-powered custom enterprise software development is handled, for example, by Amadea.

More security

The more the global IT expands, the more acute the security problem becomes, and it concerns corporate organizations like no one else. Moreover, the servers of an enterprise software development company themselves need protection from hackers, as we recently learned from the example of Kaseya. Approximately 2 thousand organizations that used its services were put under attack. Security is probably the most predictable trend of 2021 and the first one you should heed for your own business and financial safety.


All the described trends are developing rapidly, some periodically replace the other, but you should have a clear goal of employing certain software development trends and watch what exactly you need.

You have nowhere to rush because installing enterprise software development is always a long process: develop a plan, calculate a budget, select a code and platform – only in such a way can you implement smart and cost-effective enterprise software. Axisbits is your enterprise software development company of choice when it comes to achieving top-of-the-line results so contact us.

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