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Top IT Development Trends for 2020

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Nowadays, a successful business can’t do without the latest high-tech developments ensuring maximum interaction with the target audience. On the other hand, billions of active digital solution users are very enthusiastic about the latest IT development trends.

Mutually beneficial interaction between companies providing services and goods and potential consumers stimulates developers to create new and improve the existing tech solutions. Given the current IT development trends, here are the technologies that are going to change our world in 2020.

Internet of Things

This is an AI-based technology that provides remote monitoring of a wide variety of objects:

  • Smart cities with sensors that inform about traffic intensity, the fullness of garbage bins, noise level, pollution and water level, etc.
  • Smart homes with distant monitoring and control of all household processes.
  • The agricultural sector with soil state monitoring and drones that control the harvest.
  • Logistics – monitoring the condition and location of a ship or truck.
  • Medicine. Medical devices with online connections allow the doctor to monitor the health of patients and take urgent measures to save lives in time.
  • Transport – smart cars connected to the Internet.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

This is a strategic element of the digital industry. Here are the new trends in IT development in terms of AI and ML concepts:

  • AIOps for data analysis and IT system management.
  • Artificial intelligence integrated into the Internet of Things. AI will take care of your home and car while you are relaxing.
  • Webcams that recognize objects and faces.
  • Multilingual voice translators.
  • Face Unlock is an application which unlocks a smartphone after identifying a user’s face.
  • Applications that predict possible user behavior.
  • Highly authenticated cybersecurity applications.
  • Adaptive batteries with extended life expectancy.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Latest IT development trends expected in 2020 related to AR and VIR include:

  • virtual user AR;
  • training in virtual reality;
  • concerts, shows, live music in virtual reality;
  • training based on VR/AR applications;
  • augmented reality navigation.

Beacon Technology

Beacon is an application that significantly shortens the path from the consumer to the nearest company ready to provide the necessary product or service. Beacon is expected to affect the following areas of our lives in 2020:

  • healthcare;
  • traveling;
  • tourism;
  • payment support;
  • various physical games, up to searching for treasures.


This is a technology developed for cryptocurrency transactions, based on the decentralization of the database, which excludes centralized control and makes any hacking attempt almost unreal. Blockchain smartphones of 2020 will provide users with:

  • asset tokenization;
  • transparent safe bets;
  • Swarm Robotics;
  • BaaS service;
  • participation in elections, referendums;
  • intellectual property protection.

Cloud Integration

A rapid growth in the number of cloud-integrated applications is expected in 2020. This will facilitate the use of smartphones: the internal memory will not be overloaded, therefore, the productivity of the device will significantly increase. Get ready to see:

  • applications for quantum cloud computing;
  • multi-cloud platforms;
  • hybrid cloud applications.

Mobile Wallets

Just install an application on your smartphone and pay for any product or service. Applications expected to take place in 2020:

  • audio-adapted mobile wallets such as Tez Google Pay and similar apps;
  • short-range communication based on NFC technology;
  • payments with radiofrequency RFID identification;
  • a higher level of security for money transfers.


Smart wearable gadgets include watches, accessories and other things that analyze the user’s heartbeat, body temperature, oxygen level in the blood and other physical indicators of health. You will meet the following application development trends of advanced technologies in 2020:

  • smart glasses;
  • contact lenses for virtual contacts;
  • virtual keyboards that respond to smart lenses and/or nail polish;
  • smart shoes, clothes, buttons and more.

On-Demand Apps

Targeted applications will instantly respond to all possible user requirements. Today we are already using taxi services, food delivery, etc. Applications expected to emerge in 2020:

  • calling a babysitter;
  • salon services;
  • calling a laundry worker.

Instant Apps

The trend of push notifications will be further developed in 2020. This convenient, practical service is an excellent alternative to emailing. Push notifications comfortably inform the user about promotions.


The year 2020 will open up new horizons for companies and users. Companies aimed at success need to move with the times. Rapidly developing technologies are going to become the most effective tool for a business. As for users, they should track trends and install suitable applications on their smartphones to make their lives easier and convenient.

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