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Tips for Building Successful Solutions with AWS Marketplace for a New Business

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The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace is, as stated by Amazon itself, an online store that helps two kinds of people:

1. Customers – The AWS Marketplace helps them find and purchase services or a specific software that they’ll need to for building their products and running their business. Customers are also able to begin using what they bought. 

2. Vendors – The AWS Marketplace is also a new platform where software vendors can sell their products to customers.

The AWS Marketplace can be used in many different ways by businesses. Businesses and companies can either sell their products via the AWS cloud or purchase products there. The AWS Marketplace can cater to various types of cloud-based software.

How Businesses Can Benefit from the AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace has a software that makes the sales cycle shorter, meaning that customers have the ability to purchase and launch the software they bought instantly. This software is called the Amazon Machine Image or AMI. In the AWS AMI Marketplace, customers can make buying decisions and purchase faster than ever before. Additionally, developers and vendors won’t have to worry about creating multiple versions of their product as the AMI regulates software use. The AWS Marketplace also handles the whole purchasing process through the AWS accounts.

Building Successful Solutions with AWS Marketplace

Preparation is crucial to build successful solutions on the AWS Marketplace. Here are some of the important things you need to make sure are ready before deployment:

  • Is your application ready for cloud?
  • Does your application run in a single instance or in a cluster?
  • Do you already have developers assign for the project?

When preparing your product for publication on the AWS Marketplace, you need to determine which type of product yours fall into:

1. Amazon Machine Image (AMI)-based product or AWS AMI Marketplace products 

2. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based product or AWS SAAS Marketplace products

You also need to be familiar with the AWS Marketplace Management Portal, as it provides all the files, documents, and guidelines you need. Everything must be done through this portal, including all file uploads so that everything is in one place. The management portal gives both the customer and the vendor the much-needed security.

Inside the AWS Marketplace Manage Portal, there are policies that can be created and customized for you to be able to manage the portal. This can also be attached to user group, which come in handy if you want a user to have full access of your product’s page.

Wrapping Up 

These helpful tips can help you better prepare for the launching of your products on the AWS Marketplace, especially if your business is new. Having a good understanding of the AWS Marketplace, all the things you need before deployment, as well as how to navigate through the system, gives you an edge over your competition. Not only that, you’re also making it easier for you and your team as you have a process or a checklist in place to follow.

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