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The TOP 5 Axisbits Web And Mobile Development Publications in 2019

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2020 is coming and we are feeling excited about the things the upcoming year will bring us. But first, we would like to recall all the best articles 2019 brought. As always, our team revised all the materials and chose 5 TOP Axisbits Web and Mobile Development publications in 2019. 

We selected the best 5 publications which, in our opinion, are the most informative and useful in bringing your ideas to life. This cherry-picked material is supposed to cast the light upon software development and how it can improve your business, manage startups and boost your sales rate. 

Enjoy your reading!

1. IoT in Supply Chains: 7 Ways of Process Optimization

There are some technologies, such as the Internet of Things, that can restructure and optimize the supply chain. Such networks already contain about 26 billion devices, and this number is expected to triple by 2025. 

IoT has the power to connect various devices and sensors into a network that can work without further human intervention. Such an ecosystem will constantly generate, exchange, and collect “live” data, providing much more visibility to every process within the supply chain. The sensors can report on conditions and GPS, optimize energy consumption, and alert of potential dangers.

In fact, IoT can impact all aspects of the supply chain, from logistics to warehouse management, eliminating blind spots and inefficiencies. Are you curious as to what impact IoT may have on supply chain and logistics? How do you optimize the supply chain with IoT? Learn it from our review.

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2. How Chatbot Development Helps Modern Business to Grow 2-3 Times Faster

Chatbots are the most popular trend and technology of the modern day, which emerged with the rise of the Artificial Technology development. Bots influence every modern industry and sphere. Still, the greatest influence they have is on customer service, which they have totally transformed.

The technology has many advantages: 24/7 accessibility for the consumers, the possibility to simulate humans and to provide personalized service, as well as being cheap and simple in implementation, operation, and maintenance.

Read our article to find out more about the benefits of chatbots in more detail.

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3. How to Find the Best Web Development Company in the USA?

Thousands of companies operating in the US web development services market are making potential clients’ choice all the more difficult. More and more equally impressive sites need to be scrolled through, lots of feedback and pricing policies need to be analyzed.

It’s helpful to remember design is everywhere. Being eager to observe involves a lot more than having a hot-take on Snapchat’s new redesign. Seeking to learn from the real world helps unlock design thinking in more profound ways. Be on the hunt for opportunities to learn about experience design throughout your day (i.e. push/pull doors, queues, tv remotes, cars), not just when you’re looking at a screen.

However, well-planned, masterfully implemented solutions are what allows a certain dev establishment to be deemed as the best eCommerce web development company in the US and their clients to stay a step ahead of competitors.

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4. Web App Development for Startups. The Essential Guide for Beginners

Most startup creators prefer launching online in the form of web apps. Moreover, certain businesses are all-around based on web app solutions. E.g., Ally is an online bank that doesn’t have any offline headquarters or outlets for customers: it’s based on the web technology from the get-go. 

The article discusses the major steps your development team or hired web application development services provider will have to go through to deliver an up-to-date startup.

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5. Top 5 Ideas to Use Augmented Reality in Marketing and Sales in Your Business

Augmented Reality is the ability to add digital elements to a live view with the help of a camera. It may or may not include interaction with the components in the live view. However, what distinguishes it from Virtual Reality is the presence of a live view. Augmented reality for marketing, ecommerce and publicity is the next big thing and it’s prepared to shake the ecommerce world up!

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Have you discovered something new from our list of best articles? We are looking forward to hearing about your impressions, suggestions and how the articles help you to improve your business. Contact us on [email protected] and share your experience!

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