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Why Building a Progressive Web App Can Boost Your Business

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After the world has gone online, it started going mobile. Mobile consumers steadily grow in number and almost 55% of all e-commerce in 2021 is predicted to be m-commerce. Obviously, businesses, which want to prosper should offer their audience simple solutions with an intuitive interface and easily accessible. Such digital products can make mobile purchasing fast and easy.

At present, we have already plenty of eCommerce websites and applications, which are not always properly optimized and convenient for the “right-now purchases”. That’s why a shift from an app or a website to a progressive web app may become an extremely effective step for business boosting. We have already written how you can start a business with a PWA, now let’s find out in more detail what a PWA is and how it fits the modern digital space. 

What are Progressive Web Apps and how they work in 2020?

A user may fail to spot the difference between a progressive web app and website at first glance, because an app of such kind is accessed from a mobile browser, similarly to a regular site. Still, a PWA conceals the technology making it operate resembling a native application so the users do not feel the difference. What’s more, you do not need to download and install it but can just enjoy consistent, fast, and engaging UX. 

Feel bewildered? Then just log in into your Gmail account from a smartphone browser and enjoy the app-like UX. You can choose, label and sort the emails, receive notices in real-time and appreciate the other app-like unctions. 

How do progressive web apps compare to native apps?

A native app is built to run on iOS or Android, as a rule. Special languages are used to craft a mobile solution of a particular kind. When a product is ready it should be submitted for the assessment of the Apple Store or Google Play. The process can last for months and additional requirements should be met. With progressive web app development services the procedures are simpler, being just an extension of a site a PWA offers the users native-like experience right away. In fact, nowadays it’s reasonable to turn the website into a progressive web app and there are several benefits to this.

1. Installation, storage, data, and power

Native apps require installation and occupy space, utilizing the resources for operation, a PWA can be opened directly from the mobile browser. Besides, it’s easy to save it to the home screen for quick and convenient access at any time. The resource usage of a native mobile solution can be consistent in terms of storage, data, and power consumption.

2. Availability cross-platform

The native app operation is as a rule restricted to the system they are intended for. The PWA, in its turn, can be loaded on any system, providing broader prospects for brands to access wider audiences.

3. Offline Usage

The peculiarity of a PWA is that it can operate offline using the cached data, so the users can access the needed info any time and the latter updates as soon as the Internet connection is set.

4. Mobile device features

The very basic form of any PWA is as a rule subject to the standards and restrictions of an ordinary site, thus the user does not have to give permission for the access to device features in this case. Certain APIs still allow making certain connections, but the UX is constrained. That’s where native apps are much more beneficial.

5. Cost

As a rule, native development is longer and more expensive than the PWA. In case your target audience uses gadgets on both platforms; you have to build a solution for each one then and it doubles your expenditures. More than that native apps have greater maintenance rates. That’s why PWA can become more advantageous for you with a shorter time-to-market.

Why Build a PWA App

In fact, Progressive Web Applications are groundbreaking web-based solutions that combine the advantages of all contemporary devices and browser types. Any progressive web app development company will persuade you that a single app of such kind can fully comprehend and convey a brand’s vision decreasing costs of development and maintenance at the same time. It’s not at all surprising since a progressive web app vs website compared in the aspects of speed, simplicity of usage, functionality, and adaptability demonstrates the following: 

  • Higher speed. A progressive app is able to cache more data and operates faster by using less of it. In the internet connection is unstable or absent, offline mode is available. 
  • Functionality and simplicity of usage. Ordinary sites fail to leverage the majority of mobile device capabilities, but a PWA allows not only immediate access with a shortcut but operation offline. 
  • Adaptability. Even a responsive site requires lots of resources to run on all the devices, operating systems, and their versions as well as to adapt to completely new formats and features. Users’ expectations should also be met. 

A PWA app development company can create and maintain a single code base which will result in impeccable web and mobile app-like user experience across all gadgets and browsers at the same time decreasing the time and expenses associated with rolling out and maintenance of the product. PWAs demonstrate a more speedy adoption of emerging tech advances. 


Obviously, Progressive Web Applications enable the present-day businesses to create software solutions, which deliver exceptional UX, and which can be quickly adapted to growing business opportunities and consumer expectations. If you need a more detailed consultancy as to the PWA development, Axisbits will eagerly provide it any time convenient.

Good PWA user cases exist already, but even more, opportunities are revealed with technological improvement. Social media sites can benefit from PWAs development since they can connect to their broad audience regardless of the device and OS. They can also be extremely beneficial for small businesses, allowing them to enter the market faster and saving costs.

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