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Offshore Software Development: Everything You Need To Know

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At present, the world is borderless, especially when it comes to digital items. Many businessmen successfully outsource software development to offshore jurisdictions. The palpable benefit of such an approach is a lower cost of services. Nevertheless, there is a flip side as well. At times, it’s extremely difficult to find the right specialists from the first time. 

Offshore software development is outsourcing software creation to a company or a team of specialists overseas, which has a number of welfares. We’ll speak about them later. Now let’s find out how it works since onshore and offshore software development are the two quite different processes.

How does Offshore Development Work?

As soon as the ordering customer decides he needs some kind of software and makes up his mind to delegate its creation to a third party, the process begins. The tasks set forward may be quite variable from UI design to crafting an application from scratch. In most cases, the client has just an idea of what he needs and looks for the IT professionals ready and capable to implement it. 

The situation here can take several paths either the customer looks for freelancers and forms a team cooperating to build a product he has in mind, or he turns to a company specialized in realizing development projects on a turnkey basis. The first variant presupposes that the product owner delves deep into the project management in-person taking control and management of it to ensure receiving the very product he has in mind. The second approach suggests fewer worries and more confidence for the client. All the terms are agreed in the contract and even if involved in the process, the ordering customer does it just to ensure, the project goes the right direction. 

What are offshore software development benefits?

Decreased Expenses 

Outsourcing software development costs allow to sensitively cut the budget and still get the digital product of good quality. The expertise of the modern Eastern European IT specialists, for instance, equals that of their American colleagues, while the rates they charge are much lower due to the overall lower standard of living in the region. Besides, the business owner neither covers the operational expenses nor purchases the necessary hard- and software as well as tools under such conditions.

Top specialists 

The rapid advance of certain IT spheres often makes it impossible for the specialists to go with the tides immediately. However, when you do not have geographical limits, you can look for the necessary expert wherever you want. Besides, in a foreign firm, you can find the necessary expert at a lower rate. It will definitely become a valuable bonus to you and your project on the whole.

At present the amount of qualified professionals in the best offshore software development countries, like the Philippines, India, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and Belarus is great. So they deliver quality within less time due to the high competition. More than that, the experts working on the development projects for clients often consult them and prompt the right tech decisions most beneficial for their product and business processes. 

Easy-to-scale team 

Often the key reason why a product owner looks for a software developer for outsourcing a project is that he does not want to extend staff and hire IT specialists in-house. Otherwise, he would have to create new jobs, rent additional office space, pay extra taxes. It’s not a very attractive perspective for a wise business owner. So a product owner hires subcontractors for project fulfillment and the latter takes responsibility for the team scaling up or down in accordance with the project requirements. 

No need to train staff 

The teams offering development services on a turnkey basis, watch out that their specialists have the proper qualification and certification. As a client ordering development from such a company, you do not have any headache as to the training and expertise or skills upgrade of the employees. No additional time, costs or resources of your business would go for this. The same works for maintenance instead of hiring personnel for the purpose, a business owner can just order tech-support for your product from a development team. 


Making mistakes with everything concerning new technologies might be quite costly. An experienced development company will itself become a guide to correct tech solutions for the benefit of the client and his business. Besides, in case of the necessity to change something in the course of the project, the team will be faster and more flexible to implement the necessary alterations without damaging the core code or rebuilding a product from scratch. 


Offshore development is a perfect way to build your custom software solution of superior quality at a decent cost, within a reasonable time and in the most beneficial way for your business. Having a vast experience of cooperation with foreign customers, Axisbits offers web and mobile offshore software and application development, guaranteeing the impeccable quality and supreme teamwork.

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