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Laravel Development – When Rapid Web Engineering is All You Need

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If you want to become a truly sought-after provider of enterprise-level web solutions that doesn’t stretch the development process for many months – Laravel is what you need. The popular PHP framework makes wonders when it comes to rapid web software engineering. Let’s dive into the Laravel development specifics to help you best add it to your software tools armory.

The Major Features of Laravel Development

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework based on Symfony that is used to develop web applications and sites. Its initial version was released back in 2011. Today, Laravel has record 58.7 thousand GitHub stars, which explicitly indicates its enormous popularity among PHP developers.

Thanks to the well-thought-out MVC structure, excellent documentation, a dedicated website with lots of manuals, and laconic syntax, this framework can rightly be considered one of the best tools for web development out there. 

In addition, it includes a powerful Blade template engine, as well as a set of easy-to-use tools to help developers quickly generate authentication forms, process cache, and perform RESTful routing.

Moreover, every other focused on Laravel development company gets to use:

  • built-in package manager Composer;
  • out-of-the-box unit testing;
  • database migrations benefits;
  • Laravel-supported micro frameworks (like Lumen);
  • built-in API on top of the popular SwiftMailer library;
  • built-in system for organizing queues based on long-term processes;
  • numerous functionality expanding libraries, etc. 

It goes without saying that such a package of default capacities is a pretty good reason why Laravel has been a leading PHP framework since 2014.

Why Choose Laravel Web Development?

Let’s see in more detail why Laravel development services are in such high demand.

Solving typical security issues out-of-the-box

In widespread practice, developers face two fundamental security problems every other piece of code is prone to get – SQL injections and XSS attacks.

Thus, when a hacker wants to conduct an SQL injection, he/she sends malicious SQL code through the parameters of the HTTP request. In the case when the application does not check the parameters incoming from the user, this request is processed automatically. Laravel, however, uses ORM, which literally “cleans” all incoming requests and removes from them what could hack the system.

As for XSS, with this type of attack, the JS code is embedded in the site’s page selected by the hacker. Then, he/she grabs user-side cookies and fakes them, thereby gaining access to the data of this user. Laravel, in turn, allows you to screen invalid Html tags – that is, display them as strings without executing the code.

If we talk about security on the user side, the framework offers an advanced system of user authentication – both through forms and through APIs, for example, OAuth.

High performance

Laravel is also preferred for high performance provided by built-in caching tools. So file caching works in this framework straight away, by default.

However, you can also use REDIS, Memcache, and APC to consume the RAM of the computing equipment where the system is installed and, thus, provide even faster loading – both for pages and their individual blocks.

Any fully functional framework has thousands of files and declarations to load. For the most part, they are all handled by the Composer autoload, but for the most frequently used files, Artisan can create a compiled.php file that loads on every request and combines all the classes used in your application.

In addition, the most commonly used files and classes are compiled into a single compiled.php file, which is optimized by the PHP runtime, thus avoiding performance degradation when loading a large number of files into a working environment.

Advanced Blade template engine

Blade is a built-in lightweight template engine solution that standardizes templates and allows to reuse them. Working with it, developers can use different templating approaches native to the PHP language.

Simplified coding process

The community of Laravel developers is constantly replenishing the related codebase with more and more new libraries, making it easy for every new Laravel web development company to write new applications and sites. The time required for the implementation of the project is also being reduced by the day.

MVC architecture foundation 

Laravel is based on the three-tier MVC architecture where the tiers are independent of each other. This grants stable code performance and reduces the number of possible errors. Moreover, multiple teams get to work on the same project, which is a straight way to reducing the development time.

Huge, inviting community

Best Laravel developers from all over the world that support and develop Laravel packages are always open to cooperation. You can easily take part in the creation of any package and your edits will be accepted shortly.


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