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Into the New Year with New Visuals!

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2020 was definitely a difficult year to live and work through. Throughout the year, we came up with the “moving on” philosophy that became a regular habit in our team. Each time we experienced serious project complications (of which there were plenty), we used this “moving on” phrase in the most ironic sense.

“Moving on” gradually became our in-house meme. And it correlates excellently with the basic symbol of our logo – a forward/upward pointing arrow. It is kind of our take on the motivating reassurance to push forward.

By the end of the year, we realized that we’ve been working under the same “wrapper” for 7 years. And so the guys in the team simply said “no more” and decided that it’s high time for a cosmetic update.

That being said, feast your eyes on our new logo:

Onward and Upward Against All Odds

In the hours of brainstorming and artistic struggle, a brand new visual was born. Our trusty onward/upward-pointing arrow is a manifestation of our attitude here at Axisbits – keep going forward and growing higher. This is our creed and an in-house philosophy.

They say change is what pushes us forward, allows us to progress in what we do and how we live. We are taking another small step to big change, with lots of visual, technical, and corporate renovation ideas in mind. We are also looking forward to the upcoming huge website update. 

Thank you for being with us throughout this rollercoaster of a year. May you and your close ones stay healthy and wealthy in the New Year!

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