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The State of Facial Recognition App Software in 2019

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Face recognition technologies is one of the top IT concepts of the now. The concept as a whole was introduced back at the beginning of the 90s when Joseph Atick – a pioneer in software biometric solutions – suggested employing static analysis to process templates that help scan particular facial features: eyes, nose, corners of the mouth, etc.

Initially, several quite primitive software pieces were built which, still, could identify people with some standing-out precision. All because two people almost never have the same distances and ratios between their facial physiological elements. 

Nowadays, advanced face recognition systems need minimum user input to work. Thus, artificial intelligence capabilities gradually become able to accept more and more autonomous responsibilities. But let’s get a bit deeper into the subject of the facial recognition software pros and cons, its role in solving humanity’s common issues, and its nature as a whole.  

7 Face Recognition Facts & Trends

These are the 7 facts and trends to help you get in the know as to what is going on and what will happen in the niche of face recognition software in a few upcoming years. 

Top Face Recognition App technologies & providers

Among the top FR-based software providers are Amazon, Apple, and Snapchat. These powerhouses have introduced a bunch of highly commercially successful products, such as Amazon Rekognition, iPhone XR, as well as numerous face-recognizing photo filters. As for the technological aspect, Biometric Technology Rally is showing the most prominent precision in recognizing faces as of yet. 

Machine Learning makes FR solutions better

How about this one peculiar fact – according to the NIST report, in the last four years, the Machine Learning capacities helped boost the precision of FR technologies by 20 times. Such ultimate success could be a good reason alone to launch your own AI-based face recognition startup.

2019-2024 FR software market

Expert predictions claim that we can expect the global market of FR solutions to reach US$7 billion in value by 2024. Again, this seems like a great motivation to try and get into the league of successful FR startuppers. 

Face recognition in different countries

The most fruitful and promising location for implementing and outsourcing FR solutions is considered to be Central Asia. Firstly, people there accept technological innovations with great enthusiasm. Secondly, there is a huge population to provide some good audience reach for your product. Lastly, Asian countries don’t fall under the notorious GDPR which takes FR-powered projects quite ambiguously. 

What to choose: privacy or security?

There are certain facial recognition privacy concerns that, obviously, don’t allow considering the software from this category completely safe. On the other hand, some solutions are focused solely on reinforcing the user data security – like the FR-based screen lock in your smartphone. In any case, to stay utterly competent in security matters, you can always come back to the GDPR regulations for insightful notes on attentiveness.

Latest hacks in FR solutions

Here’s how people explore the technology even deeper by identifying its weak points and flaws, and penetrating them:

  • Adam Harvey from Berlin presented CV Dazzle – a piece of software that allows creating a virtual makeup you can use to cheat facial recognition app;  
  • In 2017, Vietnamese developers created a mask that helped third parties successfully get around the main Face ID algorithm; 
  • German developers identified a flaw in Windows 10 Hello that also allows any interested stranger to authorize in the system at will. 

These are some more reasons why FR solutions cannot be considered fully secure, however. 

Combining tech for advanced protection

A relatively young concept – biometrix – combines facial recognition technologies with advanced methods of IP address, password, and other data identification in order to utterly reinforce user data privacy. We can already say that with the gradual popularization of the biometrix, the public will see a new wave of software in this category with a boosted security level. 

Facial Recognition Software in Retail

The FR concept had its time to get used pretty widely. For one thing, it’s already made its contribution to the niche of retail and sales. In particular, the FR software brings very useful tech advancements to the following aspects.

Theft & fraud control

As the years go by, efficient security measures need to evolve and become all the more sophisticated. A strong password alone used to be efficient a hundred years ago. Currently, however, advanced user data protection methods make wonders. 

In the mass market, for instance, the artificial intelligence capabilities combined with facial recognition solutions allow for retailers to present newer, more reliable and secure models of digital-powered devices – smartphones, smart cars, smart home systems, etc.

Improving customer experience

Many of you have probably seen a spectacular presentation of yet another Apple smartphone – iPhone XR – which features the Face ID technology. The feature made quite an impact, despite the massive, long-standing regular use of numerous advanced concepts, like AR, VR, AI, etc. That’s a great indication of a modern average consumer welcoming highly-advanced data protection features. 

In terms of the retail business, you can employ FR in various ways that will surely help you boost engagement and improve customer interaction. For instance, you can implement interactive smart panels – when a regular customer approaches the stand with ads in your physical store, their face can be automatically recognized via camera and processed through the facial recognition search engine to offer the most relevant products based on their history of purchase. 


As you can see, FR solutions are only looking to become more popular and universal worldwide in the nearest future. If you have a business and wish to create authentic facial recognition software for Android and iOS, contact us. We build turnkey solutions of any complexity with the well-adjusted workflow and compliance with your particular requirements in mind.  

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