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Benefits of Laravel Single-Page Apps & Vue Crud

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Vue.js and Laravel have proven to be the market-defining tools for the creation of outstanding user interfaces and experiences. And although focused on serving different purposes and filling different gaps at their core, the powers of these two frameworks can be combined to achieve truly outstanding results. Namely, single-page web apps based on the intertwined philosophy of Laravel single-page app & Vue CRUD are robust, flexible, highly-optimized solutions with extensive functionality that doesn’t come at the expense of user experience.

Readers in the know would point out immediately – “isn’t Laravel a PHP framework and Vue a progressive domestic MVVM JavaScript framework for frontends?”. This is true – separately, these outstanding tools can be used for separate goals. But it is the combination we are talking about and it proves to be a sort of a game-changer. And to elaborate on its benefits further, let’s first take a look at each of our today’s “tech stack pillars”.

What’s Laravel All About?

Laravel is an extremely widely used open-source PHP-based web framework that has the MVC (Model-View-Controller) model at its core. This means that it is very versatile, extensive and sophisticated in terms of functionality, and simple to manage. And by automating tons of cumbersome manual tasks (e.g., routing, authentication, templating, etc.), it ultimately relieves the stress on specialists building custom PHP-powered web solutions of different scales and complexity.

But there’s more than that to this rightfully popular framework, including:

  • Automated package delivery – cumbersome setting up of data packages is streamlined in Laravel by the framework’s ability to autonomously identify proper packages to be installed;
  • Extensive CLI opportunities – the specialized Artisan tool helps quickly get basic MVC files using the command line and integrate scalable, easily-migrated database structures;
  • Object-Relational-Mapping – the ORM active record pattern allows to classify existing DB tables in order to associate classes with respective tables through class instances management in a database.

What’s Vue All About?

Vue.js is a no least and even more popular JavaScript framework for building single-page web applications and sophisticated user interfaces for all sorts of other solutions. The CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) templating, for instance, is focused heavily on the creation of CRM and CMS solutions. It is a powerful, feature-rich tool with a view layer-centered core library and custom underlying structure, which means that the framework can be easily adapted to most various operating conditions. When it comes to the creation of single-page web apps, however, it truly excels. 

An open-source framework, Vue promotes declarative rendering for extensive customization and personalization opportunities. It is a massively-preferred frontend development tool with the reputation that may as well serve as a good enough selling point on its own. But in particular, Vue.js gives us:

  • The lack of NPM and node requirements, extensive availability of third-party libraries and elements, and seamless integration with a variety of existing solutions;
  • 2-way data binding that employs QRR for assigning and managing HTML attributes in order to make HTML blocks faster, and conveniently reflects data changes in the UI visualization;
  • Virtual DOM as an essential cloned component that helps ingest planned DOM modifications autonomously enables more freedom when it comes to the ongoing project alterations.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

The Laravel-Vue combination makes a powerhouse tool that helps achieve complex, feature-rich, high-performance on the inside software implementations that are smooth-running, well-structured, and easy to handle on the outside. And this is the first ultimate benefit of using the frameworks jointly to kick off the list of other novel opportunities. Keep in mind, however, that in order to indulge in it and in other benefits, you need to have a reliable Laravel and Vue js development company by your side.

Well-optimized complex pages

Vue’s underlying JavaScript library enables flexible frontends that can be frequently updated and tweaked without going far and diving too deep into all the programming hassle. With Laravel development services added on top of that, you can automate mid-rendering monitoring for all app components. And Vue’s compatibility with Flux and Vuex is simply perfect for simpler management of data flows in complex web apps.

Convenient creation of event-driven apps

Vue.js is a tried and tested tool for the creation of event-driven solutions. It gives you more than enough components to assemble a well-responsive custom frontend. And these components go perfectly with Laravel, streamlining data requests and UI editing by letting you manage both in real time. 

A major focus on frontend

It is all about the quality of user experience – your app ratings and reviews, conversion rates, sales, and reputation all depend on it. And this is where the Laravel-Vue tech stack, especially with the CRUD principles in place, allows achieving outstanding results. Users get an in-depth customized yet smoothly-running experience that isn’t inferior to desktop solutions.

Bottom Line

Vue.js grants the ultimate speed and performance while Laravel polishes up this power with stability and versatility. So if you were looking to hire a Vue js developer to get a rapid, highly-integratable solution or to hire a Laravel developer to achieve a more novel UX, you can now combine the effort. We are your Vue.js and Laravel development company of choice to help you handle both tools to create or optimize business-pushing solutions. Contact us to discuss the details.

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