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At the Peak: Innovations That Any Web Application Development Company Should Master in 2021

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Developing quality web apps is quite a lucrative business. However, to stay competitive, web application development company should pay attention to new technologies and promising areas.

Today there are more than 1.8 billion websites, and many are based on great web applications. New technologies and approaches can increase loading speed, improve user experience, attract more attention to content, and improve search engine rankings. As an established many year developers, we study the industry closely and know what it takes to be a pioneer in the market niche. Below we present the current trends in web development that will be at their peak in 2021.

Current Trends in Web Development

The main web applications development trends in the coming years will be associated with the more in-depth introduction of artificial intelligence, other cutting-edge innovations, delivery methods, the use of web applications, and website architecture changes.

AI and intelligent chatbots

Artificial intelligence will be implemented more widely since it can imitate human behavior at a high level, performing many cognitive functions.

AI simplifies most processes while delivering high-quality service. When developing sites, AI will be increasingly used in many areas not covered previously – from deployment to testing.

Advanced chatbots based on artificial intelligence will play an essential role as they are capable of self-learning and can be used for “live” communication. They can provide a customer with relevant information without human personnel intervention, guarantee an increase in the quality of services, and simplify the e-commerce operations.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps will continue to grab the attention of developers and investors with high-quality user interfaces. They load almost instantly and allow using the services in an offline mode, performing on the level of native applications.

PWA will continue to be appreciated by users to view websites in a mobile browser with the same comfortability as on a desktop. In turn, PWA project owners are attracted the most by the notification capabilities that require no additional downloads or separate apps.


WebAssembly (WASM), a client-side binary format that provides near-native performance for web applications, promises to enter the wide usage. It does not depend on any specific programming language, platform, hardware; executes the code quickly, and provides high security.

Due to its compact size, cross-platformity, and high efficiency, developers adopt this format for resource-intensive web applications such as games and video editing software.

Modular approach and micro-services

Across 2020, the popularity of modular approach and micro-service architecture in custom web application development grew steadily. It does not seem that it is going to stop any soon. By moving away from monolithic web applications, we can provide leaner, more flexible codebases. Multiple teams can work in parallel, focusing on individual components, increasing the base functionality, and building the application faster.

Voice search

Many modern gadgets can respond to voice commands already. Users came to expect any new service to provide this capability, so web developers will be implementing such features.

In the end, this trend is aimed at a notable breakthrough – voice-operated man to machine interfaces. Advances in natural language processing drive the technology. Where developers can do this, users will interact with web applications using their native language.

Single-page Apps

Complex navigation frustrates the user. Single page web app interfaces reduce the usability issues and the need for page reloads.

SPA is one of the trends that help to avoid interruptions in client-server communication. They demonstrate high performance and level of data protection.

Since JavaScript frameworks will be widely used, SPA will use this language to load content. Technologies, including JavaScript and AJAX, will be used to dynamically update content throughout user sessions. Developers will widely implement SPA to make mobile web applications as functional and efficient as native ones.

Motion design UI

One of the main directions in modern web design, motion design combines minimalism with complex interaction capabilities. Due to the animated graphics, the following elements are implemented better:

  • Page title transitions;
  • Visuals;
  • Pop-up windows;
  • Drop-down menus;
  • Scrolling.

With accelerated mobile pages (AMP), you can implement motion design without sacrificing loading speeds. All this allows creating a unique style, entertaining the user, and increasing the web application’s search engine ranking.

Serverless architecture

Serverless architecture allows avoiding system overloads, data losses, and reducing development costs. Cloud solutions will continue to displace physical servers. This trend will intensify as such solutions reduce software development and maintenance budgets, strengthen application architecture, and increase service flexibility. The most common tasks that benefit the most from this technology are:

  • Automated backups;
  • Delivery of notifications;
  • Object exporting.

RAIL performance model

The concept implies instant feedback, minimal page load times, exceptional performance, and smooth, complex animations. It is recognized as promising at the expert level and will develop further.


It can be challenging to keep track of current trends in IT sector because they change very quickly. But why not use them now? Despite the changing approaches, technology stacks, and ideas, web development’s main challenge is to provide a high-quality user experience. It is this trend that stays unchanged for years.

Are you ready to increase productivity and competitiveness tenfold or radically revitalize your brand’s image? Contact Axisbits today. We will find the best solutions for your wildest ideas.

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