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Applicant Tracking System-Transforming Hiring Norms

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Did you know that 45% of employers had to go through some significant difficulties recruiting new workers and filling required positions? This is just another indication that there is still a lot to work on in terms of contemporary hiring methods. Even despite the utterly accessible recruiting procedures via advanced web technologies. 

Let’s discuss that as well as how to hire the right applicant via tracking systems, which are about to transform the whole recruiting niche.

Applicant Tracking System: What is It?

There may be a colossal number of potential candidates for a certain position. Finding “the one”, however, is a thing of 9 out of 10 times – quite a difficult task. This is mostly based on the inability to objectively juxtapose the soft and hard skills highlighted in dozens of CVs. 

That’s exactly why people came up with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) – a type of computer programs for resume processing, search, sorting, and filtering of work candidate CVs, comparing all the data with the position requirements issued by an employer. The applicant tracking system’s job is to help recruiters and staffing company agents monitor the career progress of a particular candidate stage-by-stage. All in all, you can efficiently hire the right applicant via tracking systems.

ATS Benefits

Currently, practically every other successful company uses ATS. And here are a bunch of benefits they get from doing so:

  • Accelerated staff expansion. With a dedicated ATS, companies manage to fill positions faster. Such efforts are accelerated due to the workflow process automation and the enhanced performance of in-house recruiters. For instance, instead of having to contact every potential candidate manually, a universal template can be developed to then be included in the mass newsletter for all potential candidates;
  • Better chances to find prominent experts. An ATS, with its filtering and sorting capacities, allows for efficiently selecting the best candidates out of the whole pool of applicants. Thus, you can simply define the necessary applicant tracking system job criteria and start by inviting the most fitting candidates to the interview;
  • Third-party software integration. Usually, applicant tracking systems for recruiters and hiring managers support seamless integration with third-party office solutions, such as email, calendar, CRM, etc; 
  • Boosted quality of applicant interaction. Your in-house recruiters can use applicant interaction templates, making the communication more formal and prejudice-free, which is to affect the status of your company most positively as a whole;
  • Boosted productiveness of the staffing department. The essential goal of any ATS is to provide thorough workflow process automation for the staffing department employees. This means that they can reassign a part of routine tasks to the software and take up more responsible tasks that require a more creative approach.

What Does an ATS Usually Feature?

An average ATS, usually, includes in the following set of capabilities:

  • Basic recruiter tasks’ automation. An ATS is a multipurpose tool for posting position descriptions online; collecting, filtering, and processing job applications; interacting with applicants, and much more; 
  • AI-based capacities. Some computer programs for resume processing can boast candidate search powered by artificial intelligence, which provides a precise selection of requirements-fitting applicants. ATS creators also often create AI-based template editors. This allows recruiters to spend a minimum amount of time communicating with candidates initially;
  • Integration with professional social media & online boards. Integrating an ATS with professional social networks and online boards for CV posting, recruiters can form a database of fitting potential candidates in no time. I.e., there is no need to “hunt down” applicants manually, which can take several workdays at times;
  • Score cards & correspondence levels for potential employees. With the help of an ATS, staffing department experts can create the so-called score cards – the system literally assigns such cards to user profiles and checks how much they meet the requirements specified in the position description autonomously; 
  • Analytics & reporting. Surely, a good ATS will necessarily feature reporting and performance monitoring capabilities for keeping in tune with the overall success of the staffing department.

How Can ATS Transform the Recruiting Niche?

In terms of renovations to strike the employee hiring niche, computer programs for resume are able to practically autonomously form potential candidates databases by positions, using an initially provided text template, implement newsletter with position descriptions and interview offers (or, e.g., test task offers). 

As for the performance boost, an automated approach to hiring new employees increases the speed of every other action involved in the process dramatically. Recruiters simply don’t need to take up a lot of manual efforts. 

Last but not least, this approach maximizes the objectivity of candidate selection – it’s becomes physically difficult to go through another hundred CVs with the same attention you went through a couple of first ones.


ATS products have great chances of becoming a standard for medium- and large-scale companies, taking up a good part of responsibilities for supporting the corporate image in the eyes of potential employees. A single standard of applicant interaction may also become a thing. 

The software of such kind, as a whole, can continue boosting the staffing department performance further. All in all, that alone is enough to realize the great use of applicant tracking systems for recruiters and hiring managers in practically any sort of business organization. 

If you are interested in creating your own, authentic computer programs for resume, contact us and we’ll build you a reliable, scalable solution made to fit your particular business needs, offering a more than reasonable applicant tracking system pricing. 

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