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Top 5 Ideas to Use Augmented Reality for Marketing and Sales in Your Business

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Today’s markets are increasingly influenced by consumers ‘ requirements and wishes. As technology progresses, those wishes alter, and keeping pace with those modifications is essential for a brand.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an evolving marketing and sales strategy trend that enables companies to provide their clients with distinctive experiences with the comfort of tapping into their mobile phones.

Augmented Reality is the ability to add digital elements with the help of a camera to perceive a live view. It may or may not communicate in the live view with the components. However, what distinguishes it from Virtual Reality is the presence of a live view. Augmented reality for marketing, ecommerce and publicity are the next big things and it’s prepared to shake stuff up together with AR in ecommerce!

Benefits of Using Augmented Reality for Marketing and Sales

Augmented reality for marketing is the new trend technology businesses should recognize when planning their strategies. While the market for manufacturing is increasingly growing, clients are becoming demanding and sophisticated. Business should not only believe about how to engage customers, but also about how to reduce their expenses.

Here are just some of the benefits of incorporating augmented reality for marketing and sales strategies in your business:

1. Augmented reality offers a nice interactive user experience. People once adhered to the phrase “Content is the King,” but things have altered recently because clients can be content users as well as content creators with AR characteristics. AR enables customers to create offline or online products that are accessible for scanning with AR tech to communicate personally.

2. Augmented reality for marketing offers customizable content to match user needs. There is a powerful estimate that both AR and VR will become the main advertising platform. This will probably between PCs, internet computers and mobile devices. CEOs and marketers will figure out how to use fresh AR techs to reach the greatest company benefits after a while.

3. Augmented reality removes language barriers. AR offers a broad range of choices to prevent most language issues. Google translate AR mode nowadays enables users to view as indigenous any text of 40 foreign languages. In the most printed catalog, AR content has choices for selecting the data and tips language. In association with Atos and Optinvent, a theater in Paris produces AR solution that enables the theater show to be supported by subtitles.

Now that you know the benefits of using AR, here are 5 campaigns that proved how powerful augmented reality can be.

5 Ideas That Uses Augmented Reality for Marketing and Sales

1. Sayduck Furniture Visualizer

IKEA’s AR catalog was a huge hit from the moment it first appeared, but did you know that this wasn’t the only app of this type on the market? Unlike IKEA’s Augmented Reality catalog, Sayduck doesn’t restrict you to just one maker.

The app provides you an easy but efficient function: you can see how distinct furniture kinds fit in your home. Do you want a lounge chair but don’t understand how it would look in your room? You don’t know if you should or shouldn’t buy it? This app really helps you make the right decisions.

2. YouCam Makeup by L’Oreal

YouCam Makeup is an augmented reality beauty app that enables the consumer to check out various makeup products. They could see how those products looked on their skin tone, and before making the purchase, they could get more information about them.

With over 3 million Android users and over 26 thousand ratings in the App Store, the app is an absolute hit, and we understand how hard it is to get individuals to rate applications. This isn’t your normal application for makeup, it’s really advanced and it’s as realistic as it gets.

3. Moosejaw X-Ray App

Moosejaw is just another clothing business that publishes catalogue. The products are cool, but when they have access to various comparable products with catalogs, how do you attract many customers? You’re making the catalog special. Moosejaw did that in 2011. It’s been quite a while ago, but this is still a nice instance of amazing marketing use of AR.

Users could scan the catalog pages and undress the models when combined with the Moosejaw X-Ray app. All of a sudden, your usual catalog became an underwear display.

4. New Look’s AR Retail Campaign for Students

New Look initiated a fun AR campaign to go with their student card in order to make their apparel line more popular in the UAE. It allowed consumers to mix and match products to discover their signature look, but extra content and unique offers could also be accessed.

This was the Middle East’s first augmented reality campaign, and that’s precisely why it was so well received. It certainly enhanced brand awareness among the target audience with more than 10 K interactions per month and nearly seven minutes of average commitment.

5. Pizza Hut’s AR Menu

Augmented reality is so versatile that in all types of industry it can find its implementation. The chains of restaurants are no exception. Pizza Hut has discovered a very creative way through AR technology to enhance its menu.

The team created a trivia challenge this time, which made the menu of Pizza Hut much more fun. Users merely scanned a trigger picture using the Ogle app. That has taken them to a match of trivia challenge and a chance to win a family day out. The app also made it possible for them to browse the menu and place a direct order. The 3D meal presentations make you even more hungry.

Wrapping Up

These examples illustrate how effective marketing application of augmented reality can produce excellent outcomes. But that’s the best we’ll see? Not at all! This technology opens the possibilities of a globe.  Requesting Augmented Reality app development on Axisbits you will get the top-class web application from the proven expert. If you have any questions, regarding the AR apps and processes, fill free to send your request via the contact form

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