Regal Wings CRM Development Case


Axisbits has carried out a project for Inc.5000 Luxury Travel Company RegalWings. The level of the client and the VIP services it provides obliged us to craft a full-featured CRM and sales automation system of the highest quality. We optimize and improve our product unceasingly, so the project is on-going. We continue delivering the exceptional quality of services to our eminent client.


RegalWings is a unique premium airfare supplier for travel agents, managers, lifestyle and concierge companies and global blue-chip corporations. A company headquartered in the USA deals with first and business class travel arrangements to and from the USA and Canada for VIP clients door-to-door.

Being a company working for VIP persons RegalWings has been chiseling and improving the travel booking experience for their clients. However, having a full-fledged sales managers department, they used Google Sheets to keep track of all the clients and their statuses.

When the premium-class company realized it required the same topnotch instrument to make the operation even more smooth and effective, Axisbits stepped in. RegalWings has its own peculiarities of the workflow and order-processing procedures. That’s why ready-made online solutions were a bad match. A custom CRM, convenient and dedicated to the specifics of RegalWings operation was what the Company felt the need of. That’s why our cooperation started.

Years of collaboration: 3 Years

Services: CRM Development

Country: USA

Technology: PHP, JS


Axisbits was hired to assist with the custom CRM and workflow automation tools development. To relieve the sales managers of the routine work, we created a system, which allows step-by-step auto-complete features for fields and forms. It saved the sales managers’ time and cleared the way for more productive and relaxed work.

The key goal of this project was to streamline the existing business processes and increase the company’s ability to manage data within the sales pipeline. Axisbits has successfully met it. Automatic data saving at each stage of the travel booking process makes it go like clockwork. At the same time, the customized CRM, shaped with care and the company’s specific needs in mind, provides greater data security.


Axisbits team developed a full-featured CRM system based on PHP and Yii2 framework. We also deployed it to the target servers. The users within the company are now able to access it right away.

Our team wrote a minimal PHP version that was taken to work and continues to simplify and automate it further to perfect it even more. We aim to make the processes speedier and operation more convenient. We have introduced the fields and forms autofill, data automatic storage and many other useful features that load the sales managers off. The development yet continues.


RegalWings sales department is now using the CRM system developed by Axisbits and is well pleased with it. The order processing time has markedly increased. The managers are now able to find any info needed quite quickly. Besides, the system allows to follow the sales process in the handiest way possible.

The CRM system implementation should result in labor requirements cut by 20-30% in the nearest year already. Hopefully, it will allow to successfully scale the services.

"Axisbits’ communication was on point, and our deadlines were always met.”

Axisbits supported the project’s build stage through to production using a seamless project management style and effective correspondence. The scalable team produced pragmatic new products for internal use. Deliverables are forecasted to minimize labor demands by 20-30% upon implementation.

Paul Ostering

Head of Product and Technology at Regal Wings

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