Pro Finanz: Business Digitalisation (XRM)


Pro Finanz Schweiz AG is a Swiss financial consulting company, offering complete financial management from a single source.


An XRM is an Extended Relationship Management System, which is a progressive solution deriving from a CRM. This solution has allowed the company to digitalise most of their existing internal, as well as external business processes - saving a substantial amount of administrative work.

The application consists of three different user interfaces. It allows clients, employees and administrators to exchange and manage data efficiently. Whereas the admin interface is equipped with a variety of automated features.

Years of collaboration: 1+ Years

Services: Business Analysis Workshop, CRM/ERP Development

Country: Switzerland

Technology: PHP/Laravel, Vue.js


This project required thorough research at the start, to create a unique system that suits the model of the business perfectly. The client didn’t wish for a creative design and instead wanted a functional software, which perfectly integrates into their processes. 

The challenge was to develop a solution to digitalise the company’s complex business processes. It should manage every step of the contract submission process, from data collection to automised commission rewarding, once accepted by an insurance company. 

Additionally, it should make recurring admin and accounting tasks redundant, through high-level automatisation. 


We have developed a new system from scratch, implementing a variety of features to further digitalise processes. 

The admin interface allows full access on the whole application and insight into every employee’s historical performance. It includes automated payrolls at the end of each month and the ability to create and manage further clients and employees. The ticketing system (which represents the most important feature in the XRM) is exchanged between clients, employees and administrators to moderate every stage of the submission process and keep all involved parties up-to-date.

The employee interface allows the submission of tickets, gives insight into their individual as well as team performance and enables them to manage leads, clients and communication with administrators.

All features at a glance

Ticketing System
Live Performance Visualisation
Dynamic Organigramm
Calendar Integration
Revenue Statistics
Client/Employee Management
Partner & Product Management
Automated promotions based on sales
Lead Management
Internal Messaging System
Evaluation of deals
Automated calculation of commision-based salaries
Automated Payroll
Multilanguage Translation Table


The company has minimised administrational tasks, can track it’s sales performance and has increased communication efficiency. The tools implemented and the automation features developed allow the company to keep growing, while focusing on it’s most important tasks.

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