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XRM Platform | Pro Finanz Schweiz AG

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"Create an efficient XRM system that streamlines our complex financial processes."

Tim Nielen, Business Analyst at Pro Finanz Schweiz AG

Pro Finanz needed a comprehensive XRM system to digitalize internal and external financial processes, aiming for increased efficiency and reduced administrative tasks.

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Our Approach


Research & Collaboration

Deep-dived into Pro Finanz's needs, collaborating for customized solutions.

Custom Development

Designed a focused XRM, emphasizing functionality over aesthetics.

Triple UI Design

Crafted interfaces for clients, employees and administrators.

Smart Automations

Integrated auto-payrolls, commissions and a pivotal ticketing system.

Our Solution

Tailored XRM system with features optimizing digital financial processes.
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Ticketing System

Efficient communication during contract submissions.

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Insightful Dashboards

Visual data representations and performance metrics.

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Payroll Automation

Time-saving and precise salary calculations.

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Language Flexibility

Comprehensive translation table for multilingual communications.

The Result

Boosted communication efficiency, streamlined operations and emphasized core tasks.
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Reduced Admin Work

The system minimizes administrative tasks for focused productivity.

Performance Tracking

Enhanced monitoring of sales performances.

Operational Streamlining

Automation features ensuring smooth operations.

Business Growth

Tools that allow the company to prioritize their workflows.

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