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Specifics of Healthcare Software Development

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Constant improvement of the level of health care is a top priority for developing countries. Due to the new information technologies being introduced, medical services can now be provided to the population at a fundamentally new level.

Phone and web applications for medical institutions allow us to solve the issue of medical care accessibility and quickly deal with this issue, prescribing proper and timely treatment. Moreover, the complex preventive measures provided with the help of healthcare software development help to reduce the risks of certain diseases originating and flaring up.

Healthcare Software Solutions  

Healthcare  software is used in numerous branches of modern medicine:

  • Disease diagnostics;
  • Treatment;
  • Storing and managing data about the medical institution in general and about each patient in particular;
  • Monitoring doctors and medical personnel’s medical practice;
  • Controlling the quality of medical services and medications;
  • Research work.

Various types of healthcare software solutions are used for different purposes.

For Medical Equipment

This software is used:

  • As a standalone medical device (SaMD);
  • As a part of a medical device;
  • During the production or maintenance of a medical device.

For Patients

Such medical software is designed to monitor a patient’s health condition. Medical programs provide the opportunity to create optimal conditions for providing proper service to each individual patient. This includes the ability to make an online appointment with a doctor and get the results of medical examinations without leaving your home.

For the Manager of a Medical Institution

Medical manager software is designed to perform an entire range of services provided to the patients. This includes not only tracking down the statistics of clinic visits, but also each patient’s medical history, information about their bills, insurance, as well as managing the supply of medications, clinic revenues, and so on.

For the Medical Office

Such software greatly simplifies the day-to-day work of medical personnel. The result of introducing software to medical offices is a minimum of paperwork plus a reduction in costs since it is now a program instead of a team of employees, that deals with operational tasks.

For Planning

This software is for specialist doctors, hospital staff, clinicians, etc. It provides convenient arrangement of appointments for doctors and patients, an opportunity to make changes to a schedule, and appointment reminders. As for the patients, the doctor will have access to all information about each of them – from the first appointment to medical history and information about insurance, payment, demographic data, etc.

For Visualization

Such software is a virtual center for the viewing and complex study of images containing visual information about a diagnosis of disease. In other words, this is a certain storage for images, which is integrated into any viewing system.

For Voice Recognition

One of the main problems faced by doctors, especially family doctors, is the need to do paperwork. An alternative is having VR software, which significantly reduces the time spent on paperwork and, accordingly, ensures higher efficiency of the doctor’s work. As a result, this increases the efficiency of the entire medical institution.

For Research

The introduction of new medical technologies requires powerful tools for collecting and organizing statistical data. The software offers modern tools that allow you to carry out research projects as quickly as possible with a high level of quality.

Healthcare Software Development Services

The four biggest companies, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, are the world’s leaders in medical software provision. Nevertheless, the demand shows such a high growth rate that small IT companies specializing in certain market segments do their work quite successfully as well. The share of patients willing to use special healthcare applications is at least 60%. At least half of the doctors use electronic medical records and mobile applications in their medical practice.

Medical institutions use ready-made solutions such as FreeMED, OpenEMR, One Touch EMR. If the functionality of the standard software does not fully satisfy the demands, many companies opt for healthcare software development services. These are customized applications created on an open source platform or from scratch.

Here are the steps that need to be taken by a potential customer of the medical software development process:

  • Determine the potential users. The efficiency of certain technological solutions and, in fact, the success of the project depends on how accurately you define your target audience.
  • Decide on the visualization of the structure, modules and submodules.
  • Decide on the design of the user interface. It should be clear for any potential user, have a good color pattern, readable font, convenient and understandable buttons, icons, and informative images.
  • Personal data protection must exclude any possibility of confidential information being leaked in case of cyber-attacks and other unauthorized actions. Protection standards must comply with the accepted regimentation, such as, for example, the GDPR adopted by the European Union.
  • Determine the need for integration with other IT systems, such as a website, accounting system, or medical facility management system.

Custom Healthcare Software Development

Our company has extensive experience in developing modular solutions for desktop PCs and mobile gadgets. If you want to create a custom software solution for your medical institution, fill out the application form and we will contact you shortly.

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