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How to Develop a Successful E-Commerce App

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The global volume of online sales for 2018 grew by 15%. In 2019, on average, 14,1% of all retail purchases are made through the worldwide web. If you are at all related to sales or need to sell anything, you shouldn’t neglect such information. 

An e-commerce mobile app is a trendy solution that has gradually become a standard in the global retail market. All companies go online, allowing for the utterly simple shopping process for their customers all over the world. 

Convenient Equals Profitable

Dedicated E-commerce apps continue conquering huge chunks of the digital retail market. Nobody likes to wait in lines and search for clothes they really like from store to store. Immediate purchases are the top convenience of the 21st century. 

Online stores reap definite benefits from having dedicated eCommerce apps that gather traffics of millions of users regularly.

People increasingly prefer mobile shopping and web surfing, making such tendencies pretty fruitful for business. Visual Objects gathered the statistics related to the paces of ecommerce mobile app development:

  • 7 out of 10 smartphone users use retail apps;
  • the amount of software on user smartphones grows day by day;
  • 79% of users prefer making orders from home;
  • 54% of users employ retail software weekly, 28% – daily;

Large retailers don’t miss out on grabbing a sweet piece of cake and boost their profits by expanding over the mobile commerce environment.

10 Requirements for Implementing Successful E-Commerce Applications

There are numerous apps for web retail available online. A truly convenient solution of such kind, however, should correspond with a set of the following requirements.

Simple registration process

Registration should never take long if you want to retain users that launch your app. Make sure you provide an ability to register and sign up via social media and email accounts. Try to make it a few-clicks’ affair.

High-quality product photos

It is crucial to present your products for sale decently. Unique, original hi-res images always provide an efficient impact on all users and potential customers out there.

Multiple payment options support

The more payment methods are provided for the customer, the more is the possibility of them completing the order. Credit, debit, and popular cryptocurrency systems shouldn’t be neglected. Make sure that the payment gateway is also secure enough.

Push notifications

You are more motivated to make purchases and implement target actions when you are regularly notified about all the discounts, special offers, and supply replenishments. The main thing here is to reach the balance – 1-3 notifications a day should be enough not to irritate users too much. 

Social media integration

There should be an ability to leave feedback and share impressions of the retail offers on social media. Make sure the app is integrated with the major social channels, like Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Complete synchronization

Synchronizing your app with a dedicated website, you can significantly accelerate the solution’s market introduction and gain a competitive advantage.

Google Analytics

Analysis is crucial to indicate the most frequently visited pages, most common user actions, and traffic routes.

Review & rating

Let users assess your products. Product-dedicated rating systems will help develop a network of users that communicate and interact one with another. Moreover, this provides transparency of user choice – negative feedback is always useful to other potential buyers.

Wishlist button

Wishlist helps to remind customers about the purchases they are interested in but haven’t yet had a chance to make them. Wishlists are great personalization elements that boost your customer engagement rates. 

Easy checkout

Shopping should be simple. The process of adding a product to the car, making up an order, and paying for it should require minimum efforts and time.

Key Aspects for eCommerce App Development

A clear, subsequent, and consistent marketing strategy is the key moment of successfully introducing mobile solutions to the market. To compose your strategy most efficiently, make sure to cover the following aspects.

1. Market analysis & buyer persona. Make sure you know your customer – their age, gender, geolocation, related trends and points of consumer attraction. Knowing your target audience, you get to optimize expenses and market introduction terms. You should know, for instance, that people 35 to 54 years of age tend to use retail apps more frequently. 

2. Know your competitors. Acknowledging strong and weak sides of your competitors, studying their audience and market positioning, you get many benefits and cost-saving opportunities, avoiding repeating their mistakes. 

3. Choosing technology. Should you focus on ecommerce for apple devices or go for e commerce android app development? This depends a lot on the type of market and user status niche you’d like to cover. Apple has stricter retail policies but provides a least competitor-intensive market environment. Android accepts most everything but has a fierce, filled to the brim segment of competitors.

4. UI & UX design. Make your brand look accordingly to its main concept. Properly selected color schemes, visual effects, as well as an accessible, intuitive interface are the aspects that help identify a business among thousands of similar names.


Launching a dedicated app, every other company gets a number of benefits and overall market income-boosting opportunities. With some fierce competition at hand, however, you should make it a decent piece of software that would stand out among other, similar solutions. And if you clearly understand for whom you’re building a solution, go through its system analytics thoroughly, and assess it all-around, you’ll definitely be able to launch a successful product that will help you optimize your profits.  If you’re looking for such specialists, turn to Axisbits. We will be glad to help you with a project of any scale and complexity.

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