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Enterprise Cybersecurity Applications Development. 5 Steps To Be More Confident in Your Business

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In 2017, a wave of scamming activity global corporate networks had to endure covered 90% of all commercial establishments in the world. Moreover, according to the expert forecasts, total hacker and malware damages for business organizations is expected to comprise record-breaking $6 trillion by 2021.

That’s why we have a firm belief that one should not, under any circumstances, neglect the security of virtual business assets and corporate networks. Let’s briefly discuss some of the main weakness aspects of modern companies and shed some light on why turning to custom security software development can be a very efficient decision in the long run. 

Main Cybersecurity Issues of the Now

Formally, the most relevant enterprise cybersecurity issues of 2019 can be subdivided into two major types:

  • cyberattacks, which lead to forced downtimes and workflow processes shutdowns (as a rule, with subsequent blackmailing); 
  • data breach, the occurrences of which can be used for corporate espionage purposes and cause some much more serious in-house damage as opposed to the previous case (according to statistics, most companies have to spend about half a year defining the fact of data theft).

In the latter case, good hardware and/or network firewall won’t be enough, as a scammer takes advantage of weaknesses from inside the company and employs social engineering. That’s why in order to avoid the mentioned enterprise cybersecurity risks for 2019, companies increasingly turn to programming services for the launch of security software development.

Main Types of Enterprise Security Apps

All the software related to providing cybersecurity capabilities can be divided into several kinds:

These sorts of software are not interchangeable, so for ultimate security, we’d recommend implementing a piece from each category. If your establishment requires a special level of network and data security, though, your most rational option can be turning to dedicated security software development experts. 

5 Steps to Reject the Security Issues on the Business-Processes Basis

Apart from employing specialized apps for corporate networks protection, you can also thoroughly think through the structure of your business software.

Below, we take a brief look at several tech trends you should follow when developing corporate software. 

Employment of JS frameworks

In 2018, JavaScript was recognized as the most popular piece of technology in global IT development. This language, along with the frameworks that support it, allows creating reusable and scalable code that is simply adapted to the everchanging business software requirements. Moreover, due to the support of both imperative and declarative styles of coding, developers get the necessary level of flexibility in order to provide an optimal structure for created solutions. This means reduced rates of error/flaw appearance risks as compared with other languages. 

Microservice development

Microservices are an innovative approach to the organization of app architecture, which literally subdivides a wholesome software product into multiple sub-aspects, each of which can be developed independently. From the security perspective, this is a perfect solution that allows working on separate modules without affecting the whole functionality of an app. 

Transfer of data to cloud

Due to the constant growth of data volumes companies operate with, it is utterly important to provide all the info with a highly-reliable, financially reasonable storage. And cloud storages are definite winners here – failproof, highly accessible, scalable, and utterly cost-efficient virtual data infrastructures, the security of which is handled on a global scale by their owners (like, Google or Amazon).

Implementation of PaaS solutions

Platform-as-a-service is quite a renowned kind of corporate software that allows relocating all the backend responsibilities to the shoulders of suppliers. According to practice, this is a much more reliable solution than the sole hope for your staff cybersecurity experts’ qualification (at least because teams working on PaaS products always include several high-qualification, diverse-profiled experts).


If you are creating a product that is initially badly adapted to further scaling, then as the necessity of its core modernization appears, the code will be easily susceptible to flaws and errors that can be critical to the security of your corporate data. You can avoid this by initially planning the architecture that would be susceptible to both horizontal and vertical scaling.  

How Can You Improve a Company Web Security?

Specialized enterprise security applications and hardware utilities of a similar kind are a must.  

Network architecture is also very important to thoroughly work on – take care of regular data backups and a number of connections that would still work in the case of losing one active network node. 

Last but not least, the sole process of business application development must be conducted with the sufficient expertise in hand: your developed solutions can spawn weak points which can provoke elongated downtimes or loss of important info on their own. 

Our experts provide thorough protection measures for companies of any scale. If you are looking to implement all the mentioned corporate network security aspects, contact us and we will prepare a selection of solutions to fit your particular business niche best. 


Summarizing our brief security software development insight, we can safely say that cybersecurity remains among the most relevant business company issues of the now. The thing is that the implementation of a sufficient corporate network and data protection gets more complicated as the business gets more globalized (in the past, a powerful network firewall in the office would be enough; nowadays, many people work remotely, which complicates all the involved protection efforts). Add continuously spawned unknown viruses and pieces of malware that even the top antiviruses are unable to identify on top of that and you can see why custom security software development for medium and large businesses is a thing that shouldn’t be neglected. We have been making such solutions, as well as providing enterprise cybersecurity program support (ecps) professionally for years and we are ready to help you forget about any business downtimes and over expenses with top-notch solutions. 

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