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Advantages of AI in Education – How Advanced Tech Pushes the Industry

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Perhaps the most sensational industry in recent years in the field of IT technologies is artificial intelligence. Developers began teaching the system to “understand” human language as soon as the first PC was invented by integrating words into binary code. And after several decades, computer autonomously studies the actions and behavior of a person, trying to learn how to do everything that people are capable of.

Today, the amount of data generated by people is so vast that the normal human brain is practically powerless when it comes to processing an intense stream of information – we simply do not have time to study even those the most important bits and pieces. This is where artificial Intelligence in education helps optimize the learning process for students and greatly simplify the work of teachers at the same time.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education Today

AI plays an important role in the implementation of personalized education – the adaptation of the educational process, its content, and pace for the specific needs of everyone. The adaptation of the teaching process for a specific student will be differentiated at a level that is impossible for teachers that have to work with 30 or more children in one group.

Artificial intelligence may determine the level of a student’s knowledge, as well as the complexity of the tasks for their ability in order to give an accurate assessment and figure out where gaps have been identified. In the course of training, the system even analyzes the expression on the student’s face in order to understand which topics are interesting and which cause difficulties.

Most researchers consider the participation of teachers in education to be indispensable, but despite this, many changes still occur in the work of teachers and teaching methods.

The future will combine artificial intelligence technology solutions and the knowledge of teachers, which will subsequently become a big leap forward in the effectiveness of education. Technologies will be based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Benefits AI brings to education

The benefits of learning with AI are numerous. Modern teachers will agree that learning in our reality simply must be supplemented by technology. The use of AI significantly reduces the time spent on checking homework for teachers and helps focus on an individual approach to each student.

AI-based learning applications

The technology opens up round-the-clock access to the training course, which allows students complete assignments at any time convenient for him. The support can be provided via the online chat where the algorithm using AI will immediately analyze the question asked and answer it within the shortest terms.

AI and ML for teachers

AI significantly reduces the administrative work for teachers and helps automate tasks such as assigning grades, providing quick answers to students’ frequently asked questions, and more. By reducing admin work, teachers can spend more time learning. On top of that, artificial intelligence is improving e-education based on differentiated teaching methods.

Individualized AI-powered apps may use the appropriate technological resources and monitor the progress of students in the learning process. A variety of teaching and learning styles do not always work together, the ability to change the curriculum in individual classrooms helps teachers create the best approach for each student.

Common Technological Implementations of AI

Today, a person can quickly find the information they need. Smart tech is based on the collection of certain algorithms that analyze the text by keywords and adjust the filter to the necessary information. The system remembers your queries in search engines and then uses it to set up specific advertisements based on the saved materials.

For instance, you wanted to buy a new smartphone of a certain brand, looked at different online stores, and then an advertisement popped up with a large number of offers for this product. Have you noticed this? This technology uses artificial intelligence that has been trained for personalized data selection.

Among the advantages of AI in education is a convenient way to interact with all sorts of information.  AI makes any search simple with a list of relevant topics in school and academia.

Most students are familiar with the system of trial and error methods, the very thought of failing is demotivating in achieving maximum results and studying any scientific field. Artificial intelligence will become a friend and helper in the fight against the fear of getting a bad grade.

AI selects the most convenient program with respect to the individual level of training, which will be comfortable during the passage, thereby increasing the effectiveness of training will be monitored.

Teaching students outside the classroom will make it possible not to miss stuff during their absence from the university. AI solutions benefits also save teachers time by using chatbots and virtual personal assistants. Which, in turn, work as “reference points”, connecting algorithms for finding information by keywords.

Artificial intelligence-based curricula help students master basic skills. With the active contribution of developers, artificial intelligence will develop and deepen into different areas, providing students with a range of services according to their interests. In just ten years, education will look completely different.

AI in Education – Where to Start?

If you follow global trends, you have probably noticed that personalization technology is included in absolutely any existing area. Undoubtedly, the advantage of artificial intelligence is the ability to train autonomously to perform a long list of tasks, as well as to draw up an individual approach to everyone and everything.

The decision to integrate AI with education allows connecting a set of tools suitable for the specific needs of students and teachers. Programmers at the leading artificial intelligence development company Axisbits and STA strive to improve the capacities we have today.

Highly qualified employees use AI to develop the most profitable strategy for the development of the training plan. Contact us and make life easier for yourself and your students!

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