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Web App Development For Startups. The Essential Guide For Beginners

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If a decade ago a company had a status if it had an official website, then today, this competitive attribute is quite out of date. A regular website just doesn’t do it anymore for tried users of the now – a regular website with static pages demonstrating sheets of info, that is. 

A much more efficient solution nowadays is to give users interactive capabilities and make web resources be able to solve more complex tasks rather than merely provide a display of info. Here’s where web apps come into play – online resources with dynamic, interactive web pages intended for immediate user interaction (which is, most commonly, achieved via the web app development services in React). Thus, a web application can be your perfect up-to-date solution to help you put your business’ name on the map of your niche. 

Most startup creators prefer launching main representatives online in the form of web apps. Moreover, certain businesses are all-around based on web app solutions – e.g., Ally is an online bank that doesn’t have any offline headquarters or outlets for customers – it’s based on the web technology from the get-go. 

Let’s discuss the major steps your development team or hired web application development services provider will have to go through to deliver an up-to-date startup. 

How to Build a Web App for Startup

In the core of any business web app development, lie 5 major steps. Let’s take a closer look. 

Step 1: Set up team logistics

A thing you will have to handle even before formally employing mobile web app development services is your business’ logistics priorities. As a rule, any average custom web application development services client poses two main priorities: speed of delivery and costs. 

Obviously, if an end product must be finished as fast as possible, the price of dedicated custom web & app development services will grow accordingly. So before starting to look for developers specializing in the custom web & app development services, think whether you will be able to manage the deployment and support of your product later when the main dev stages are done and you’re all out of budget. 

Step 2: Craft your company hypotheses

The next step would be to define the exact goals of your company. Marketing is crucial to think out here – from sweeping marketing research and competitor analysis to the composition of detailed clientele portraits.

Fortunately, there are public web resources like Statista which provide tons of statistical consumer data (including a TA’s gender, geolocation, social status, age, etc.) and make it easier for you to handle all the marketing analytics by yourself. 

Step 3: Write a value proposition statement for human beings

This step implies an analysis of potential clients’ pain points and the subsequent creation of a product that helps them solve at least one (major) issue efficiently. Depending on your TA, such issues can include a lack of time (e.g., banking apps are great at helping with the spare time shortage), of social activities (social networks are here for the rescue), of specific knowledge (smart assistants and feedback apps like Yelp), etc. Don’t try to cover as many pain points as possible at once, however – try to help your potential user painlessly manage at least a couple of them. 

Step 4: Build an MVP

MVP is a minimum viable product for a demonstration of your main business idea and core functionality. The reasonability of launching an MVP is quite simple to grasp: every other startup that employs web app development services in React.js is looking to provide users with something original and unexplored, which spawns many risks of an end product simply not fitting the big picture of the relevant consumer space. 

MVPs are created exactly to gather some real feedback from among your TA without going too far on the initial startup creation stages. All the secondary functionality can be added after the fact of your application being gladly received by the client-base. 

Step 5: Customer engagement

Surely, before launching your web app, you should conduct at least a small and humble advertising campaign. If we take a step aside from all the marketing mumbo-jumbo, however, and think about how customer engagement could help enhance all your further startup stages, you’ll see that the following affairs are necessary:

  • get some real user feedback;
  • react to user demands in terms of your software;
  • encourage users for the provided help in polishing the product. 

Web App Development For Startups: Results & Discussion

Once the main functionality of your solution is done, you should definitely think about ways to monetize and promote your web app. Let’s see.

Monetize your app

In fact, there aren’t that many ways to monetize a web app – it’s not mobile software which must be downloaded, installed, and, if need be, prolonged in the license. With your web app, in commercial terms, you can: 

  • distribute goods;
  • issue fees for in-app registration;
  • issue fees for target actions made with an app;
  • monetize aggregators (place user announcements in tops for additional payment, sell ads, etc.).

Remember that when you pick a monetization method, it should correspond in cost with the value it provides for users. 

Launch and market your app

Launching an app into the release isn’t the final stage of your startup by far: not a single, even super useful solution, can make it in the market without ads. Think which promotion tools can be the most efficient and fitting in the case of your particular TA (for instance, FaceApp with its notorious age-hardening filter offered some influencers to post their transformations on Instagram, making it a viral thing within days.


Summarizing all the above-said, as you can see, there are some major steps a dev team should take when developing a business web app to deliver a successful, competitive end product. Don’t forget, however, that sufficient web app development services for startups can only be provided by qualified experts. If you’re looking for such specialists, turn to Axisbits. We specialize in web app development services in New York and other locations. We will be glad to help you with a project of any scale and complexity.

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