Abacus: a web-based E-learning platform development and technical support


Abacus is one of a few schools that offer the Japanese curriculum in America to train students in reading abacus, listening abacus, and flash anzan. Offering pre-soroban levels, grades 10-1, and Dan levels, they wanted to improve the learning process with a web-based e-learning portal. The client turned to Axisbits to create an online platform for children to take advantage of this incredible training and engage them in learning by rewarding their progress.


Soroban Abacus’s mission is to help students build a solid foundation in math, logical reasoning, self-confidence, and a love for learning, that will last throughout their lives. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are the foundation of math. However, the heart of the training is whole-brain development, while a strong math foundation is a bonus. 

How it works: the web-based platform that Axisbits has developed automates the work of a teacher - it gives out the tasks to the students according to their level of competence, checks the correctness and the speed of task fulfillment, and reports the learners’ success.

The platform facilitates taking students through Soroban grades 10-1 in an easy, engaging, and rewarding way that produces results lasting a lifetime. The process of learning is exciting and straightforward for children of different ages.

Years of collaboration: 2+ Years

Services: E-Learning Development, UI/UX Design

Country: USA

Technology: Laravel, Vue, Web-sockets


The client came to Axisbits with an idea of a web-based platform, at which the students should be able to register and then choose the needed lessons and exercises to study. The system should show correct/incorrect answers, measure the speed of calculation, and automatically score and rank students.


As usual, we started our work with a series of consultancies to find out all the project requirements and details. When both the client and our team had a clear understanding of what we wanted as a final result, the Axisbits team crafted a simple and intuitive design for children and started the development itself.

To make the platform most secure and quick, we settled on the modern advanced technologies - PHP/Laravel and  Vue.js.

In tight cooperation with the client, we often received requests from him to implement some additional features, which should simplify the educational process. We did it quite often in the course of the project.

As a result, we developed a convenient and intuitive admin panel for teachers. The lessons and tasks can be simply added and managed there, students’ progress followed, and the overall process controlled. 

The solution, which we offered to the students, allows them to manage their profiles, access learning materials, choose lessons and tasks, fulfill them in several modes and even compete with the other students in real-time. Every account comes equipped with a personal goal setter. It teaches children to set and maintain goals and encourages leadership qualities. For better motivation and engagement, the students receive rewards for their achievements and look through the leaders’ table. 

Axisbits provides the on-going technical support of the project and the servers.


The result of our work is a cutting edge system of children’s mental math training, where they can not only get and fulfill home tasks but compete with each other and receive coins for their achievements. Most importantly, children have fun using our solution and developing the skills and life habits of critical importance while just playing.

Axisbits exceeded expectations by translating an idea into a functional, modern, and aesthetically pleasing platform.

The responsive team fostered an effortless collaboration and met budget and schedule restraints. Internal stakeholders are confident that the platform will attract users.

Pearl Renaud

Founder of Abacus Mental Math

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