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Stripe Development Services with Axisbits

Stripe is a renowned software platform for electronic payments that is widely integrated with most existing eCommerce resources via API. It is a highly accessible, flexible digital money transfer solution that allows transacting both regular and cryptocurrency funds.

Stripe business development services we offer will help any entrepreneur managing a business online offer customers the most commonly used means of digital transactions. We will properly integrate Stripe API with any mobile commerce solutions, PaaS, crowdfunding platforms, as well as non-profit sites.

For one thing, Stripe is preferred by renowned projects like Facebook, Dribbble, The Guardian, and many others. And there are even more ultimate benefits when it comes to Stripe development in business.

Why Stripe?

Originally introduced in 2010 by Collinson brothers from Ireland, Stripe has become extremely popular over recent years, with businesses small, mid, and large-scale alike. It was initially intended as an alternative to the then-most used digital transactions project by Elon Musk and Peter Thiel - PayPal. However, despite being “designed for everyone,” it had a number of significant shortcomings, such as inability to export user data to another payment gateway, no Recurring Billing feature, support of quite a limited range of currencies, etc.

  • All in all, not everybody considers Paypal to be an ideal choice, and that is why so many prefer Stripe instead. And fairly so, because most of the above-mentioned shortcomings are absent in this gateway. In particular:
  • user data can easily be exported to any other payment gateway;
  • users don’t need to go to any other pages during checkout;
  • Stripe supports over 135 currencies, including cryptos;
  • there is a moderate fee per transaction - 2.9%+30¢ (learn more details);
  • there is a fully customizable invoice template;
  • there are also extensive capabilities of integration with most existing CRM systems as well as various solutions for commerce, referral marketing, fundraising, etc.;
  • integration is plain and simple;
  • dedicated documentation is well-structured and useful.

Stripe is PCI certified, so you can be absolutely sure that the money will be transferred to your direct destination, no scams involved.

Let Us Help You Integrate Stripe with Your Business Solution

It isn’t necessary to hire a full-time team of programmers If you wish to integrate Stripe with your commercial solution. You may efficiently avoid spending chunks of budget on workplace organization, tax payments, and other related expenses. 

For a separate note, the format of eCommerce websites is not the only field of application for Stripe. There are also SaaS solutions where Stripe can be used for subscriptions, as well as Marketplaces where Stripe can be configured so that payments are divided, and their parts (%) are sent to the account of the site owner.

An outsourced dedicated team with narrow Stripe development expertise may as well be the most profitable solution. You can hire one at Axisbits - we specialize in both creating from scratch and supporting readymade eCommerce projects. 

We provide flexible software solutions of any complexity and services to make your existing software smoother, faster, and more versatile at some of the lowest rates on the market. 

Save your budget without compromising the quality of the final product with Stripe business development services from Axisbits.

Contact us right now to clarify any details of your future project. We are always glad to help out!

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