Laravel Web Application Development

Axisbits offers Laravel web development services for any kind of enterprise. Our Laravel expertise covers full-cycle web app development. Fast and simple-to-use solutions for small entrepreneurs and data-intensive corporate platforms are equally welcomed.


Why Laravel?

Both startups and corporations often develop projects from scratch. Mistakes made at the beginning could cost too much. Inappropriately selected technologies result in mediocre products at best. At worst, the entire project fails. 

The first thing to choose is a programming language. PHP is the right choice since many developers possess the language with decent PHP frameworks. Being a professional Laravel web development company Axisbits sees the trends clearly.

We know that in contrast to startups, large enterprises can hardly afford experimental solutions. They look for time-tested technologies. And we believe that Lavarel is ideal for both. Arguments are following:

Native Testing

Small startup projects need not less careful testing than corporate software does over the entire development process. Indeed, well-tested products have high quality. Laravel allows avoiding third-party test tools since native testing of components takes place right within the framework. Our Laravel web development services include strong proficiency in the native framework test features.

App Scalability

To scale up any application the framework offers Laravel Cache for caching, Laravel Horizon for queuing along with other services such as Eloquent capable of using cloud solutions. Any Laravel-based project can be integrated with GitHub, CircleCI, Docker, Amazon Web Services, etc.

Customer-centric Tool Ecosystem

Light-weight apps for private entrepreneurs and multi-page projects for companies from Fortune 500 all match Laravel development since the framework is 100% open-source. The global community of developers contributes to Laravel with numerous solutions to solve tasks of any complexity. Laravel Socialite, for instance, provides authentication via Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket.

Best-in-class Development Templates

Laravel and Symphony use the same libraries. Both frameworks follow the best practices in prototyping and development. The projects are compatible, therefore. This is especially crucial for corporate software since any codebase appears clear, minimalistic, and easily modifiable. And this is exactly what customers expect from an experienced Laravel web development company.

Advantages of Laravel

In addition to the above, the following features make Laravel the best PHP framework for web application development:

  • Inbuilt Eloquent ORM provides working with different databases without a need to make complicated SQL queries.

  • MVC architecture allows separating user interfaces from business logic while the template engine Blade supports native PHP code.

  • MVC-based development provides access to any sort of website infrastructure making releases go fast with no complex code

  • The unique system of queuing messages makes server traffic well-balanced to provide Laravel projects with both uninterrupted operation and data security

  • XSS cross-site scripting, XSRF cross-site request forgeries, and SQL injections all have nothing to do with Laravel-based projects since the embedded security features of the framework are excellent.

A Silver Bullet Among Web Development Frameworks

About 300K websites have been created with Laravel in the USA alone. More than 1.3 million Laravel projects available throughout the world all prove the framework’s versatility. Discover our Laravel web application development services to bring your project to the top of the competition pyramid. Is Axisbits sure such a task is solvable with Laravel? Exactly!

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