Coudrees: Marketplace development, Optimization, and Support


Coudrees is a French fashion platform providing its clients with an exceptional possibility to get tailor-made items and even overall looks in just a few clicks.


The platform offers tailor-made looks and clothes/shoes/accessories to the users either ready- or order-made, yet unique and always hand-crafted.

How it works. A user places an order online with a detailed indication of the models and materials preferred, as well as sizes, and deadlines desired. The photos of clothes/shoes/accessories which inspire or should be taken into consideration can be uploaded as well. The order can be either visible to all artisans or sent directly to only the chosen ones. The craftsmen see the order, make the necessary evaluations, and contact the customers back with their proposals and accurate estimations of the order price and timeline.

A wide selection of exclusive ready-made items is also offered to the platform users, they can choose and order them right away.

Years of collaboration: 2 Years

Services: Marketplace Development

Country: France

Technology: PHP, JS, Stripe


The client came to Axisbits with an idea of a marketplace, which would differentiate it from all the other platforms of the kind. He wanted the users to realize that Coudrees encourages French know-how and works with artisans focusing exclusively on tailor-made and unique ready-to-wear items from the very first landing page.


Before the work started Axisbits found out the detailed requirements to the project and conducted its accurate business analysis. Though the client provided his vision of the marketplace design, we offered some improvements to it, and they were accepted. After the final design had been approved, our team started the development.

The usage of PHP, MySQL technologies for the back-end along with Vue.js and bootstrap for the front-end allowed us to create a convenient and eye-catching user interface.  Besides the web design is adaptive and looks good on any device for the users’ best convenience.

For comfortable payment processing we integrated Stripe, it made the payment process easy and hassle-free for everyone – the clients, artisans, and platform owner.

Before the final release, the project underwent QA testing and only after we had made sure everything was working faultless, we helped our client to deploy it onto the servers. Our specialists assisted the client during the project beta-testing and still continue working on it to improve and optimize the service even more.


Axisbits developed a custom marketplace, possessing all the necessary features for all user categories. There is a product catalog with easy and convenient navigation, search, filters of various kinds, a shopping cart, and a payment option for the users, admin panels for the artisans, and a super-admin one for the platform owner.

The client received a ready-made solution and started to attract visitors to the site right away. 

At present, there are tens of registered artisans on the marketplace we crafted, who offer their services to hundreds of users from all over France.

Their team always challenges our software needs to find the most suitable solution and communication channels.

We are extremely satisfied with the final products and project management skills of Axisbits’ team, so we’re looking forward to our next projects.

Daria Zheglo

Founder of Coudrees

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