Transparency and Not Ambiguity Is Axisbits’ CEO Maxim Kozlovsky’s Value Proposition

Transparency and Not Ambiguity Is Axisbits’ CEO Maxim Kozlovsky’s Value Proposition

Established in 2013, Axisbits operates in the technology sector, providing full-cycle project development services. Forward to assist the development of eCommerce websites, ERP software, and implementing start-up ideas with cutting edge tech, the firm also provides resources in the form of dedicated teams to help businesses enhance their development capacity. The CEO of Axisbits, Mr. Maxim Kozlovsky, had an aim to serve businesses not only locally but also worldwide. Understanding that communication might prove to be a little hiccup, he always looked to countervail the same by nurturing an environment of transparency.

Aiming not only to be a service provider, but Mr. Kozlovsky has also positioned the firm as a partner in technology with the sole objective of solving problems. Following this ideology under the effective stewardship of its CEO, the firm has completed numerous projects also pleased to have worked with prestigious brands globally and is recognized by GoodFirms for their reliable services.

To understand his process of reflection, GoodFirms sat down with Mr. Maxim Kozlovsky to learn more about it as part of its interview series. A fragment from that conversation is documented here.

Comprehensive Web Development Based on Right Selections:

Showing his preference towards outsourcing, Mr. Kozlovsky how he likes working on complete projects from beginning till the final product is released covering stages such as design, development, and quality assurance.

From keeping the client inclusive during the development phase to help in maintaining post-deployment along with setting up servers or complete other odd tasks, Axisbits helps you complete all your operational requirements.

Praising the latest major version of PHP, which is PHP7, Maxim shares why it is popular and used in 90% website development projects globally. Fascinated with the doubled speed in the latest version, he explains that it is well-tested and secure and used in their back-end development with the Laravel or Symfony framework. When asked about front-end programming, JavaScript with frameworks like React or Vue.js is a great and to an extent, the only sound choice according to him.

A gratified client for more than two years, Jonas Meyer, a Middle Front Developer at Big Ben, shares how Axisbits has helped their business while handing out a 5-star rating:

Expectedly, Axisbits now sits comfortably on the table of the top web development companies in Ukraine at GoodFirms, straddling on its technical acumen and determination.

Software Development Methodology That Keeps Client’s Feedback in View:

Mr. Maxim Kozlovsky explained that exploring the complexity of different features in customer projects is very crucial to develop an MVP. Working on a pay per milestone approach, the CEO has also embraced Agile principles and software development methods into their practices. Working on sprints, incorporating a short feedback and adaptation cycle, the firm has been successful in completing numerous projects.

Offering services like Startup MVP Development, CRM Development, and SaaS Software Development makes Mr. Kozlovsky’s agency a lucrative offshoring opportunity to start-ups and established businesses alike.

He has always emphasized the importance of maintaining business relationships with the clients you have worked with before. A successful business is bound to evolve and will look to improve further, which is from where the firm brings more sales.

David Mitchell is another delighted collaborator who highly recommends Axisbits services stating:

It will be less of wonder if we soon see Axisbits’ name taken in the same breath as leading software development companies at GoodFirms.

He also mentioned that they are pleased to be in GoodFirms’ rating and how they have earned clients learning about the firm over this platform.

To have a better understanding of the vision of this customer-centric CEO, please read Mr. Maxim Kozlovsky’s interview at GoodFirms.

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