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How to Plan a Mobile App Development, and Draw the Roadmap of the New App Launch

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The modern tendency for digitization has gained the upper hand in the world and the development of mobile apps is a part of it. Nowadays Businesses either have already created applications to reach their customers more efficiently or question themselves how to make a mobile app for Android or iOS to bring their services and products to the target users through mobile solutions. 

However, before crafting and launching a new app, you should answer the key questions as to the functions it should perform and features it should have. The app created should meet the complex requirements of the modern realities, your target audience, and your business. A good mobile app planning template will help you to make the picture clear for yourself. Besides, to meet all the mentioned goals you should seek and hire mobile app development professionals capable to catch the essence of modern tendencies. But even more important is to consider certain aspects of the app creation vital for its further effectiveness and success.

Mobile app pre-development planning

Let’s speak about it in more detail. 

In case you have at present mobile app creation at the top of the to-do list, you should first work out a mobile app development project plan. For the purpose answer the questions like: 

  • What should the product do? 
  • Why should it be created? 
  • How will it operate? 

Having the answers in mind you can start the development journey. The first stage of a mobile app development may require creation a web app on your part. We often pre develop mobile apps using angular and can provide you with a consultancy as to this aspect. Anyway,  a well laid-out concept is what should be figured out first of all. 


It is the key idea of what is your mobile solution about, what you expect from it, how it will work and engage the target users. In fact with this short description of your application-to-be, you’ll convey the core idea you have in simple terms and see how to plan a mobile app development and its features further.


The clear and comprehensive understanding of the target audience will not only prompt you the design solutions but facilitate effective marketing strategies later on. Identifying your target users your key task is to understand their preferences and ‘buying’ behavior. 

A good idea is to make a research to test your concept and get feedback from the potential customers through variable market research techniques. 

Similar apps

Through the analysis of similar applications, you can get the idea of the problems they solve, pains they relieve, features, they have, functions they fulfill and the competitive advantage they offer. There are plenty of ways to conduct research: study the reviews, test trials, questionaries, and surveys. 


Mobile app development team roles are often well-defined, however, brainstorming all together is a perfect practice to improve the concept of your mobile solution and expand it with the innovative ideas and insights of people from diverse fields. 

List of outputs

The preliminary research and brainstorming will likely alter the initial concept you’ve got in mind, so it’s high time to create a mobile app planning template with all the functional and technical specifications you consider important. With this list of outputs in mind, you should make sure to change the initial description of the app and the features to implement. 

App flowchart

An application flowchart is a proven way to visualize your solution and communicate your idea, workflow, steps, and features to the developers. In such a way they will gain a clear understanding of what is expected from them as a final result. It’s a good idea to also include the sketches of what the screens should look like to enhance the project clarity. 

Technical realization

The final step of pre-development is the discussion of the concept’s tech feasibility with the development team. The aspects, which should be talked over are the platform chosen, devices targeted, connections available, security concerns and support requirements.

List of important areas to plan before building your mobile app

While the step-by-step procedures of the app development planning are described above, let’s speak about the essential areas to study in the course of the planning stage.


The application allows you to provide a face-to-face sales pitch, so the understanding of your target audience should be crystal clear. You should find out who your client is, what he or she searches for, what pains he or she has and what his or her values are. The comprehension of all these aspects will allow you to avoid implementing the features, which are not necessary and make your app user-friendly and intuitive for your audience exclusively.

Market research

General market research is another area you can’t skip during your pre-development planning. Knowing your competitors in the face, you can take the best from their solutions and avoid the mistakes they have made. The key points you should focus on are what they offer and what their products are missing. This knowledge will let you customize your mobile solution with the fundamental features, the customers appeal to.


Market research will obviously result in the creation and figuring out your app Unique Sales Proposition. USP is a set of possibilities you offer in your product impossible to get anywhere else. Thus, you can not only gain your target audience faster but retain your customers. The comprehension of the UPS, which you can make, is also an understanding of how to get ahead of the competitor companies.

Business objectives

As a businessman, you should realize that your future app should align with the business objectives you have. So before you head out to the mobile app development make sure you’ll manage to maintain the project quality at the due level throughout the whole process and that the objectives and the results coincide. 

The business aspect to stick to is the budget, the financial side is always tricky, but you should take care to maintain the project cost as it was intended otherwise it may turn into complete failure or waste. 

Everything is good in its time and the completion and delivery of your business app especially, otherwise you may lose the competitive edge over your rivals. Do your best to ensure your project on time running so that your opponents do not have any chance to pop up earlier in your niche.


Most of the mobile app development companies of the full cycle will help you figure out the road map for your mobile solution development, however, proper pre-planning is the basis for your future success. This stage is definitely worth the time and effort spent. 

Our Company Axisbits is always ready to assist you in defining your target audience, the problems it faces, and the technologies best suited for these problems solving with an app you are going to create.

You should keep in mind that the ultimate goal of your mobile application development should be a user-friendly and user-centric software solution providing your audience with the superior UX from the very launch and all the time thereafter through all the further iterations

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