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Covid-19 Resources and Startup Tools for Online Business

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Covid-19 has changed every aspect of our lives, and business is not an exception. Nowadays, experts from different countries are researching new resources for online business. To show how it works in practice, we have compiled a list of the best business tools for growth of your business during the pandemic.

The Best Online Business Tools for Small and Large Businesses

There are many entrepreneurs who decided to change the way they manage their business since the pandemic started. Many  startup tools have been popularized and even developed to help small startups and large enterprises to improve the processes of:

  • accounting;
  • task and project management;
  • communication;
  • customer service;
  • file management or file sharing;
  • lead management;
  • e-commerce; 
  • content management solutions.

Business project management tools provide a wide range of advantages, such as ease of use, flexibility, productivity, and cost reduction. Global Market Research Insights forecast that these benefits will increase the business process management market by $23.04 billion by 2024.

What Is Business Management Software?

Business management software is a universal app that helps to manage the business and improve its processes. It reduces the costs of operations and makes it easier to control the workflow. Since business norms change quickly in new circumstances, it is crucial to pay attention to innovations. Business management software (BMS) is a reliable solution that ensures better cooperation for companies and optimizes the business.

The Best Online Business Tools and Resources

During Covid-19, all companies have had to adapt to the situation and learn to communicate remotely. Here are some useful applications that will help them to continue working productively.


Google has been financially supporting small and middle businesses, health care organizations, governments during the pandemic. It provides grants to help all companies globally, taking part in Covid-19 prevention by delivering important information. 


Facebook gives money grants and advertising credits to over 30,000 small enterprises with 5 to 50 team members that have been working for more than a year. The social network has announced donations for the local US and Canadian mass media that publish news about Covid-19.


Salesforce Essentials is a CRM platform that combines services and sales in one application. It is one of the largest management platforms that you can use completely free of charge for 90 days. It helps businesses stay effective during the crisis.


Zoho is a CRM platform that provides a subscription for small and middle businesses. It provides 20,000 companies with free access for 3 months, since enterprises that have less than 25 employees suffer the most because of Covid-19.


What about marketing tools for online business? Mailchimp is a well-known email marketing software platform that offers 10 million in its services for small companies in need of financial support.

Google Hangouts Meet

Google helps companies and education sectors with free access to their advanced Hangouts Meet. Everyone can use the video conferences available for all G Suite clients, including G Suite for Education.


Loom offers a 50% discount on Loom Pro ($5 instead of $10). It is an app with video recording and collaboration functions that provides an unlimited number of records. Loom Pro has a special bonus – free access for all students and university lecturers, schools and other educational institutions.


Vidyard is a well-known platform that provides free video tools for all companies that have faced problems during the pandemic.


Slack supports all researchers, non-profit organizations, and networks. The app that helps companies to stay in touch and control communication offers three-month free access to its Pro version.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that opened a free trial version to all new clients. This platform provides 200 million USD for small businesses to support them in this difficult period.


Yell supports companies by delivering Yell for Business for free. It makes business management easier and helps to update the free lists of companies on Yell.

How to Improve Your Business?

Not every company has enough money to overcome the crisis the way Adidas, Ford, or Chanel can afford. Entrepreneurs need to be supported in this complicated time more than others. 

The Covid-19 crisis has become a factor of fundamental transformation in business management. New business tools and resources help companies adapt to unique circumstances. While choosing business management tools, you need to take into account their requirements and functions. It is better to choose based on the type, size of the business, and the cost. 

Making the right decision is even more difficult in the times of crisis. Nowadays, it is vital to save every cent. If you are looking for a good solution for your business, we advise referring to professionals.

Axisbits is an experienced development company that offers services in web design, startup MVP, SaaS, and CRM development. We try our best to provide high-quality products according to your concept and idea. It is crucial for us to deliver a project that will meet all the client’s requirements. If you are looking for online customer service tools used in e-business, contact us.

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