SmartReno is the leading resource to help people find qualified and available contractors to complete their renovation project. Axisbits implemented the project ProCRM, a part of big system, that allows contractors easily manage their jobs - it contains all the needed information for every project and helps to automate process of accepting offers, proceed with the project and keep track of completed projects.

Axisbits developed this web application using PHP and Yii Framework. It supports internationalization, has very user friendly responsive UI with lots of AJAX. Our team has implemented custom design based on Bootstrap theme. ProCRM is integrated with other SmartReno projects which makes it essential part of company's infrastructure.

This system allows to automate process

of order management now each contractor can accept or decline new project, track and switch the status of each project he has, add documentations to project. Also ProCRM allows to reduce manual work of managers - the system keeps records of completed projects, monitors whether the payments were made and distributes new projects among contractors.